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watchman at nucleus.com watchman at nucleus.com
Sat Aug 30 17:01:54 EST 1997

This post is in reference to the link found between elevated iron stores
and hearing loss. There are a few studies in Medline which speak of the
conneciton but my ability to post these references are sorely lacking.
As in the case of whether MS and hearing loss are connected .. one
could say there seems to be an association. MS has been linked to
free radicals and excess iron causes .. free radicals. A recent studh out
of Harvard has found that the *heme iron* from meat is much more easily
absorbed than the iron from fruits/vegetables/grains. In fact when we
have sufficient iron stores our bodies simply reduce the absorption of
iron from fruits/grains/vegetables.. plain non-heme iron but the iron from
meat.. heme iron just keeps on coming. As to loss of taste. Zinc and
iron compete for absorption and a lack of zinc causes loss of taste.
Same with baldness/alopecia.. lack of zinc or iron overload causes a loss
of hair. Who loves ya. Tom http://www.nucleus.com/watchman

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