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What They Didn't Tell Me In Grad School (formerly " Are

Paul D Dybala dybala at utdallas.edu
Fri Aug 22 08:29:09 EST 1997

HearWHAC (hearwhac at netins.net) wrote:


> dispensing under one board and slowly move toward licensing only
> audiologists as "hearing aid dealers." 

The problem with the above argument is audiologists do more than just
dispense hearing aids and the training to become an audiologist is
comepletely different from a dispenser.  

> If I were getting rid of any
> boards, I would have the audiology and speech pathology board get a
> divorce right now and become only the "speech pathology board."
> Eliminate the audiology portion of that board 
> (AAA did that to ASHA,
> there are no speechies in AAA) 

AAA did nothing to ASHA they just created their own association. ASHA
still has an audiology board, etc.

> and put all the audiology stuff under the
> dispensing board where it should be.

Again audiologists under "the dispensing board where it should be" would
be totally inappropriate beacause audiologists do more than dispense.
Both fields have different requirements to practice and while they both
dispense aids are very different.

> I believe that "nothing happens until somebody sells something." They
> really do some good when they advertise that hearing aids do help
> people. In 1993 the FDA shut down Miracle Ear's advertising. EVERY
> dispensing audiologist in the country watched their own sales go down
> the toilet when Miracle Ear had to stop advertising. 

Did sales go down the toilet because advertising is down or did sales go
down because people heard that the FDA was busting hearing aid manuf
because they were falsely advertising their products (bad press).
I am an individual who hears about the FDA cracking down on hearing aids,
so they must not be very good and I do not want to buy one.

Ex:  I am not eating hamburgers at fast food restaurants today, not
because of a lack of advertisement, but because of the Hudson food recall.
(bad press) I know that everybody does not use Hudson meat, but I am just 
down on any type of hamburger.

It is true that more advertising needs to be done on the benefit of
hearing aids and education about hearing loss.  Not just that hearing aids
help you hear, but can improve you quality of life. 

Thank you for your support,
Paul Dybala
dybala at utdallas.edu

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