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What They Didn't Tell Me In Grad School (formerly " Are Audiologists Generous?" )

Paul D Dybala dybala at utdallas.edu
Thu Aug 21 09:04:18 EST 1997

This is taken from a private email that I had sent to Paul.

The point of my message was that first,
what you were saying were gross over generalizations
about the field of audiology.
I do not think that this profession is an ivory tower,
I do not think it is perfect,  I do not think that audiologists
are "better" than HA dispensers, etc.
There are problems in my field.  The way you stated them is totally
inaccurate though.  I don't mind talking about them in a public forum

but, I want to talk about them without untrue, 
stereotypical generalizations, such as
what you posted earlier.  Again, there are problems in my field, but
that way that you discussed them were way off base.
What if I were to get on bionet audiology and make a bunch
of untrue stereotypical comments about HA dispensers.
What if I got on bionet and started rambiling on how ALL
dipsensers have poor training, that they are dishonest, etc.
As an audiologist, I understood your arguments and agreed,
in part,
with many of them,  what I did not appreciate are the comments that,
there are no quality audiology training programs...
that students coming out are basically incompetent.
 I for one just graduated from one and I pretty much started
day one seeing patients full time with little or no supervision.
My TRAINING was good enough that I could do this.  Of course
I am always learning new stuff and consult with other audiologists
when I have a question.
This is not to say that there are not weak programs in the US,
but where is it your place to say they are all poor?
That the profession needs to stop recruiting all women..
as I explained, programs do not recruit women but is just so happens that
there are  alot of women coming into the field because most come over
form speech path and that field is predominately made up of women. This is
part of the AuD argument so that students can be recruited from various

Finally that audiologists want to give away hearing aids and that we think
all dispensers are dishonest and that we are taught that in our training
I was not taught that, I was taught how our university center sets the
price of an aid so that it can be profitable and support my professional
To be honest with you most of what I have heard about HA dealers are that
they are pretty good people.  Your comments made me think twice.

Thank you for your support,
Paul Dybala
dybala at utdallas.edu

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