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Help with a Posting

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Tue Apr 22 07:39:43 EST 1997

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>Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 17:25:25 +0000
>From: "Robert W. Georgantas III" <rgeorgan at welchlink.welch.jhu.edu>
>Subject: Help with a Posting
>Sender: rgeorgan at welchlink.welch.jhu.edu
>To: AUDIOLOGY Jeff Siriann <sirianni at uts.cc.utexas.edu>
>To: Jeff Siriann
>Moderator of the AUDIOLOGY BioNet Discussion Group.
>I was hoping that you could help me, please read the letter below then do 
>with it as you wish.
>I am a student with the Department of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences 
>at Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine.  I have started up a 
>small internet site called "The Science Guide" located at the URL 
>http://www.scienceguide.com.  I started the site to address the lack of a 
>unifying source of information for scientists on the internet.  As you 
>can see in the announcement below the Guide consists of a number of 
>sections designed to help scientists find information on the internet, 
>The news section is currently our most popular service receiving over 4K 
>visits per day, with a hundreds of subscribers to the Daily News Emailer.
>Since we do not charge for our service, and since we are  not accepting 
>advertisers; we have only a small number of routes by which to spread the 
>word about the Guide (we have no advertising budget as well).  One of 
>these routes is by posting to Usenet groups.  We have done this on a 
>small basis by looking at a news group to assure that the users of the 
>group are appropriate for our service, and then posting the Announcement 
>enclosed below to the group.  We Do Not Spam.  Over the last month we 
>have posted to roughly forty news groups and have received a great 
>response in the form of emails telling us how useful our site is, and 
>will become as we add more content to it.  We have not received a single 
>negative response, which we have interpreted to mean that our site is 
>useful enough to scientists that they do not mind our "off-subject" 
>That brings me to the crux of the email, I was hoping that you could take 
>the time to visit the Science Guide, determine if it would be of use to 
>the subscribers of the group which you modify, and if so - post the 
>announcement text below to the group. This would be of great help to us 
>in getting the word out about the Guide.
>If you feel that this posting would be inappropriate, please accept my 
>apologies for having taken your time, and just disregard this letter.
>One thing that may be particularly of interest, is our plan to start 
>monitoring Congress for bills containing items concerning scientific 
>funding.  We plan on doing this to take advantage of the power of the 
>internet to set up a pseudo lobbying group.  As an example - during the 
>Congressional Debates over the NIH budget a few months ago we encouraged 
>our readers to email their congress-person asking for an increase in the 
>budget.  At the time we had just started the guide and had only a small 
>number of readers, but now that we have literally thousands of users (and 
>our usership is growing at 40% per week) and we think that we could make 
>a significant difference in funding by informing our users of congresses' 
>actions and helping them to act in writing to the House, or Senate, or 
>Thank you 
>Robert Georgantas - The Science Guide
>PS.  You can check to make sure that I am actually who I say that I am 
>buy fingering my student email account: rgeorgan at welchlink.welch.jhu.edu. 
> The Science Guide is hosted under the .com domain by Hway Technologies, 
>because Hopkins was not willing to host a site with our potential traffic.
>------------------Announcement Text------------------------
>Announcing the SCIENCE GUIDE.
>A New Internet Directory and Information Service run by Scientists and 
>Physicians for Scientists and Physicians.  After visiting the Guide, If 
>you have any suggestion for making the Guide better please let us know. 
>(webmaster at scienceguide.com)
>The Science Guide consists of a number of different sections designed to 
>help the scientist and physician find information on the internet and to 
>sponsor communication between those interested in science:
>Every day the Science Guide compiles medical and research news from 
>national news sources around the net.  Most of the news articles are 
>concerned with medicine, bioscience, and physics, but all other sciences 
>from agriculture to zoology are commonly included. News sources currently 
>listed include: CNN, EurekAlert, HMS Beagle, MSNBC Sci-Tech, Science 
>Magazine's ScienceNow, CBS Space News, USA Today, The Albuquerque 
>Journal, Scientific American Web Weekly, The Why Files, Discover 
>Magazine, Scientific American, Smithsonian Magazine, and the Technology 
>Review.  The news pages also list links to news sources not compiled 
>within the News site.  We are currently working on adding a number of 
>other sources to the site to make it even more useful.
>To make getting science news even easier, we send out a DAILY NEWS 
>EMAILER listing the articles which have been compiled on our site.  
>Anyone can subscribe to the Emailer by sending an email to 
>news at scienceguide.com with the message "Subscribe"
>The Directory of Usenet and Discussion Groups is compiled quarterly from 
>different sources around the net to provide the scientist and those 
>interested in science easy access to these invaluable sources of 
>discourse and information.  We are currently working on finding the 
>proper subscription method for each of the discussion lists.  This is 
>taking a bit longer that we thought so please pardon our dust.  The 
>Usenet portions of this section are complete.
>The Journals Section contains links to peer reviewed scientific journals 
>on the Internet.  Each listing clearly indicates whether the journal 
>provides only the table of contents, TOC with abstracts, or the full text 
>of the journal
>The Jobs and Positions Section contains hyperlinks to the best Scientific 
>Employment Databases and Classifieds on the net.
>The funding section contains links to the best funding and grant 
>databases on the Internet, making it very easy for scientists to quickly 
>find funding opportunities.  The featured site of the section is "The 
>Community of Science," a Johns Hopkins service designed to help 
>scientists find and continue funding.

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