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programmable HA-moisture

keskritt at sprynet.com keskritt at sprynet.com
Sat Apr 19 15:20:37 EST 1997

>   JLFB63A at prodigy.com (John Richards) writes:
>  We have found that when moisture gets into the tub connected to the 
>  earmold that the HA shuts off.  Sometimes it can be blown out then the HA 
>  works again.  These HA's are Resound.  Our son likes the HA but it is 
>  frustrating with the problems.  He has to use the remote which is not 
>  designed for children.  If you are an Auidiologist please and have 
>  clients who use the Resound please push this company to design their HA's 
>  with children in mind.  Our son has a severe-profound hearing loss and we 
>  are looking for another pair of hearing aids Not Resound- any suggestions.
>    Programmable HA's that do better with moisture.  Our son is very active 
>  in sports and needs to hear.
Mr. Richards:

The problems that you are describing are not specific to Resound hearing aids, or programmable hearing aids  either.  In 
general, all hearing aids do not like moisture, and will "cut out" when moisture gets in to the components.  Behind-the-ear 
(BTE) hearing aids are especially prone to this problem, as you are well aware, as moisture tends to collect in the earmold 
tubing and earhook.  It sounds like you are using an earmold blower when this happens.  You may also try using a "DriAid" 
kit, which is commercially available.  The DriAid kit contains silica, which will draw the moisture out of the HA components 
after being placed in the container for a few hours.  Or you could save a few dollars, and make your own DriAid kit, by 
placing some uncooked Minute Rice in an airtight container.  Place the hearing aid in the container, seal it up, and after a 
few hours, the rice will draw the moisture out of the HA.  

It is likely that your son will have moisture problems with any hearing aid , by virtue of the fact that he is active in sports, and 
as a result would get hot and sweaty.  Some people find the same problems with moisture during our long humid Ontario 

I realize that it is hard not to become frustrated with the problems with your son's hearing aids.  However, don't knock the 
programmable technology, which in recent years has resulted in many successful hearing aid fittings.  Resound  HA's are 
among the best technology available, and by using these HA's, your son probably has not had to deal with the many other 
frustrating limitations of conventional technology.  But keep in mind, that they are just that...an AID...and cannot  restore 
normal hearing function. 

Nonetheless, if you are interested in pursing an alternate hearing aid fitting for your son, there are many other companies 
offering programmable HA's , such as Widex (i.e., Senso, Logo, Quattro), Siemens (i.e., Frontier, Music, Triton), and 
Phonak (PICs, PICs Mark II).  You should consult with your son's Audiologist, who will determine the most suitable hearing 
aid for your son.  State your concerns to the Audiologist, (especially those about the remote control), who will consider 
these points when prescribing the new HA's.  

Good Luck,

K. A. Eskritt, M.Cl.Sc., Reg CASLPO

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