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Here is a hypothetical question for consideration and discussion:

Suppose someone has with bilateral PE tubes in place and he
decides on taking up scuba diving.  Assuming he/she wears some
sort of swim plug to keep water out of the middle ear space,
		is there any obvious problems or contraindications to scuba
diving and if so what are they?  It is an accepted fact that
a diver cannot wear swimplugs when diving since he/she cannot
politzerize the middle ear pressure needed when diving beyond
a certain depth when swimplugs are in place.  Would PE tubes
take away the need to politzerize at these depths?

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In a message dated 97-04-02, you ask about tubes and scuba diving.
In our country (Brazil) we have a large number of Scuba Diving =
practising, and we have a good experience.=20
Is not indicated to do Scuba with tubes even with earplugs. The =
decompression will be not possible.=20
To swim with tubes is possible and with have obseravtions that the =
number of infeccions in patients using tubes and ear plugs and swiming =
and patients with tubes and prohibit to swiming are statistically the =

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