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TMJ & Tinnitus

dybala dybala at UTDALLAS.EDU
Thu Sep 26 08:53:38 EST 1996

See ron blue message below first:

That was what I was saying.  The noise from the drill could cause
hearing loss (i did not say "nerve damage" although hearing loss
could be caused by damage from the nerve and a number of things).

This noise induced hearing loss could have tinnitus that "is really due to
correlational opponent-processing feedback from the brain trying to
control the hearing system which has been damaged."

What my understanding of what you are trying to explain is that
_some_ forms of tinnitus are due to an abnormal "gain" in the auditory
system.  A person has a hearing loss and the neurons are not getting
as much stimulation so the auditory system turns up its "internal gain"
which is then perceived as tinnitus.  This effect has been thought to
usually occur along the audiometric edge of a loss where the imbalance of
stimualtion among adjacent auditory tracts are greatest.  This is why, on
average, person's pitch perception of the tinnitus is
strongly correlated with frequencies along the audiometric edge.

This is why the if you look at one of the most recent methods of 
treating tinnitus, it has been developed using _low_ levels of maskers and
counseling.   The counseling is used to basically calm the person down so
that thay can deal with the tinnitus and the low level white noise maskers
are used to stimualate the auditory system increasing the overall "gain"
of the system.  The masker is low level and is not used to mask the
tinnitus.  This method was developed by Dr. Pavel Jastreboff at the
University of Maryland and has also been used with modification to treat
hyperacusic patients also.  The U of M clinic has claimed an 80% success
rate with this method.    The control of the gain of the system has been
thought to be controlled at the level of the inferior colliculus. For more
on the theory see the most recent issue of Hearing Research.  The article
is by George Gerken.

It is a common fact that some persons with hearing loss have tinnitus.
If person is exposed to a loud noise it can cause hearing damage which
can have as one of its symptoms, tinnitus.

Thank you for your support,
Paul Dybala
dybala at utdallas.edu

On Thu, 26 Sep 1996, Ron Blue wrote:

> On 26 Sep 1996 dybala at utdallas.edu wrote:
> > What about the fact that the drill could be loud enough and right
> > next to the ear that it causes a loss.  How long do they use
> > the drill and how loud is it?
> I agree that nerve damage can occur.  But the ringing is really due
> to correlational opponent-processing feedback from the brain trying
> to control the hearing system which has been damaged.  This then creates
> the ringing as an opponent wave.  
> Ron Blue

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