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Starkey Hearing Aids

mikey gandalf at infi.net
Mon Sep 23 22:43:39 EST 1996

Douglas Baldwin <dugby at imt.net> wrote in article <3241DD9C.47C9 at imt.net>...
> I echo what Paul Woodward said.  We really do have a lot more problems
> with repairs on CIC's.  Drives me crazy!  
> Some of the manufacturer brochures claim that with proper care and
> maintenance, CIC's should be as durable and last as long as other styles
> of instruments.  
> I don't beleive it!  We won't know for sure if a CIC will last 8 years
> until someone has worn one for that long (8 years was a random number,
> not an implication that I think all aids should last that long).  But
> considering the repair problems, which I consider very significant, I am
> very skeptical about long term durability of CICs.   
> We've tried various manufacturers with about the same results.  
> I also have concerns about ads that sell cosmetics more than improved
> hearing/communication.  It seems like this just ads to the "stigma" of
> hearing aids by implying that they need to be "hidden or invisible".

I think we need to realize that in many cases other peoples' financial
decisions are not ours to make, based on our view of what is right for
someone else. I demonstrate all the appropriate types of hearing aids
available, with an honest appraisal of how the course of their functioning
life might go. If someone wants to buy a new aid every year or so, that is
nothing to me. many people buy a new car every year, and I don't hear any
censure for that. I treat my patients as though they were sentient beings
with free will. anything else seems to me to be a little on the "big
brother" protective side. This is, of course, not my modus operandi with
children or the mentally challenged, where I do make choices based on my
sentiments about the feasibility of certain aids. But when I deal with
adults, I treat 'em like adults, not as babies I have to be protective of.
This may not be a popular view, but it is the most rational one.

Michael Ridenhour


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