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Custom audiology test booth

Tony Woolf Tony at howl.demon.co.uk
Thu Sep 12 15:27:15 EST 1996

In article <19960912.083702.14126.1.Lobelle at juno.com>
           lobelle at juno.com "Don E Lobelle" writes:

> From: Lobelle
> Full-Name: Don E Lobelle
> To: Audiolog at net.bio.net
> Subject: audiology test booth construction
> Due to space and financial constraints I am considering building a
> customized audiology test booth within a new office site in lieu of
> purchasing a manufactured booth (IAC etc.).  So far I have identified
> several manufacturers of sound absorbtion panels, each claiming that
> their product will do the job if used in conjunction with fiberglass
> insulation and free standing construction (not existing walls, floor or
> ceiling).  

The sound absorbing panels are not the most critical part of the
booth.  To a first approximation, the sound absorption of materials
such as fibreglass and foam plastic depends only on the depth of
material, therefore it is probably true that various products will
have the required absorption.

However isolation from outside noise is mainly provided by having
panels of suitable mass, probably double construction with absorbent
material between, together with good seals.  Absorbent material in the
booth has a secondary though important role in providing this

Remember that what matters is not the degree of isolation but the
noise level in the booth.  Therefore if you start in a quiet place you
need less isolation.  Location is the most important thing.

Also the noise level you need inside depends on what you are trying to
do.  If you want to find the threshold of hearing of healthy young
people it must be extremely quiet.  If you are doing screening
audiometry, people do not insist on this so much.  

Depending on your activities, you may find you need to comply with
some standard that specifies maximum noise level in the booth.  A good
manufacturer will guarantee this given a maximum level of noise

Tony Woolf

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