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Hearing aids & stethescopes

rbl at po.cwru.edu rbl at po.cwru.edu
Thu Oct 10 18:10:18 EST 1996

In article <CGfb$AAdAYSyEwgy at cbootle.demon.co.uk>,
Colin Bootle  <colin at cbootle.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>In article <529jms$5k1$1 at mhade.production.compuserve.com>, "c. zelnick"
><104247.2050 at CompuServe.COM> writes
>>Hello, I'm a physician who is just being fit with BTE Resounds for hi frequency 
>>hearing loss.  I am having a devil of a time getting them to work with my
>>stethescope- I can't get the stethescope tips to stay or seal into the vents
>>of the earmolds.  Needless to say, it is a major pain to have to take out the
>>aid to do stethoscopy, then put them back in again- so much so, it is making
>>me rethink these things!
>>Does anyone have any advice for me about how to use the stethescope with a 
>>behind the ear aid?  Thanks in advance.
>>C. Zelnick in Iowa/.
>You don't want to know that with my CIC's, I routinely wear in-the-ear
>headphones! Sounds great. They're Siemens K-amp CIC's ('Cosmea'). Like
>you, I've got a high frequency moderate loss.
>By trying to get the tips of the stephescope into the vents of the
>earmolds, obviously you won't be getting any additional amplification.
>Is the sound level sufficient? Being an electronics engineer, we often
>use silcone tubing for covering components (for insulation) - it comes
>in various diameters and can be stretched quite a bit. It should be
>possible to stretch some over the stethescope tips (or the stethescope
>tubes with the tips removed) and then at the other end over some
>narrower tubing (perhaps earmold tubing) which may be able to fit into
>your earmold vents. Ask any electronics engineer - the stuff's cheap
>(about a penny per inch) and comes in various garish colors.

One of my associates manufactures a hand-held electronic stethoscope
with a headphone jack.  I believe he could provide a compensation circuit
to enhance any particular frequencies you might need boosted.

Let me know if you would like further information.

Rob Lake
Environmental Modeling Inc.
rbl at po.cwru.edu

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