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Jeff Joslin jjoslin at nortel.ca
Fri Oct 4 16:00:06 EST 1996

In article <3254CAB5.4277 at Sender.de>, Cosmo at Sender.de wrote:

>I'm fitting Widex SENSO since the end of April. I think it's the most 
>amazing hearing Aid ever available in the market. All my patients that 
>are experience users report a very clear sound and a very confortable 
>use of the hearing Aid.
>Have any have similar experiences?

I have an opposite experience.  I'm wearing a pair of Widex Senso canal
aids (well, right now I'm only wearing one because the other has gone
back to the factory to be remade). The main problem I'm having is feedback.  
I have a loss of 20dB at 250 Hertz, then dropping to 70dB at 1kHz, rising
slightly to 60dB at 8kHz.  Even with the gain dialled well back from where
the programming box "wants" it to be I'm having feedback problems.  I
have to turn the Sensos off when I eat, and when I'm walking I get 
intermittent chirps.

The problem seems to be that, while I get a good seal when I'm in a "normal"
position, when I'm chewing or standing there's enough leakage that I get
feedback, especially when the aids increase the gain in quiet environments.

Another problem: AGC increases gain in quiet environments, regardless of 
whether it's appropriate to do so.  For instance, right now I'm in my office 
at work, and the air-conditioning hum and the muted conversation in the 
office next door are coming through at normal conversational levels.  There's
no way for the hearing aids to know when I want to listen and when I don't,
but currently I have only two volume choices:  on and off.  Since I can't hear
the telephone or people coming into my office when the hearing aids are off,
I wish the Sensos had a half-volume toggle switch so that I have a third

My dispenser presented these aids as something wonderful; they're very
good in some ways, and they're a genuine engineering marvel in managing
to do all that DSP with such small battery consumption.  But I think that
I was expecting more than these have delivered, and perhaps my dispenser 
created unrealistic expectations.

I'm considering switching to the BTE models, in hopes that that will greatly
reduce the feedback problems.  I'm a little reluctant to switch, because
of increased wind noise and some loss of high-frequency performance.

Any comments or suggestions?  My dispenser has been co-operative
in trying to address my problems, but I'm not sure that we're going to
succeed with the canal Sensos.


Jeff Joslin                              All opinions mine.

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