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a plea to discuss issues

mikey gandalf at infi.net
Tue Nov 26 18:50:09 EST 1996

Michael Gorga <GORGA at BoysTown.ORG> wrote in article <80330 at BoysTown.ORG>...
>> I do not understand some of the attacks coming from you.
> No one has questioned your right to free speech but you did, in
> fact, use words that are offensive to many people.  For example,
> you must know that the words "nazi" and "gestapo" generate a
> great deal of emotion.  

Agreed, that is why they are chosen by fine upstanding folks like Rep.
Bonior, Rep. Gephart, Rep. Waters, and Vice President Gore in reference to
people they disagree with. I trust that you were equally motivated to
chastise them in using these references for the Speaker of the House, Newt

When others excercise their right to free
> speech and criticize the use of these words, you interpret that
> to mean that someone is trying to police your thoughts.  Nothing
> could be further from the truth.

I don't actually interpret them that way. I merely point out that such
sentiments have been used in the past by very disreputable people, who were
actual nazis and fascists. I know that you and Sirianni, etc. are not
> Now you suggest that the "mighty Gorga (and friends) are wrong".

This is a reference to Lois, who used that phrase as if you were above any
sort of criticism. You will admit you are not, I'm sure, as I admit I am
not above criticism. I, like you, am not afraid to admit it or to seek to
redress a wrong, if necessary

> First, you overestimate my influence, which, as far as I can
> tell, has been negligible.  But, more importantly, I have no idea
> as to what the issues are on which you think I have erred.  What
> are you referring to?  The points I raised in questioning EE AuD?
> My view that the scientfic foundation of the profession is
> essential for its long term health?  My approach to analyzing
> DPOAE data in relation to the magnitude and configuration of
> hearing loss?  My view that functional gain is fraught with
> problems and makes virtually no sense when used with nonlinear
> hearing aids?

To tell you the truth, I have forgotten what you said. In any case, it is
not the opinions I have attempted to thwart, but the prissy attitudes (not
yours, as I recall), some folks have about what tools we must use for
communicating our ideas in order to be considered "professional". I reject
such restrictive thought patterns, and used terminology which, I had hoped,
would convey the strength of my views on diversity of opinion. I welcome
anybody, anytime, to voice their thoughts in any fashion they like. I am
not their judge, nor are they mine.

> You have every right to disagree with anything I or anyone else
> states, and you certainly can argue that I have been wrong on a
> lot of things.  I can assure you that you will not be the first
> person to do so.  It is not possible to have a discussion,
> however, unless you state the issues on which we disagree.  I
> would encourage you to make your case on all of the issues on
> which I have been wrong.  I simply ask that you make your case on
> the issues and not with personal attacks.  Is that too much to
> ask?
> Michael Gorga

No, but it sure isn't as much fun! BTW, I have not wanted to offend you
particularly, just the stuffed shirts in the group, who act as though any
deviance from accepted "Audiological thought", (whatever that is), is
unheard of.

mikey (%^ )


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