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Spamming in the Newsgroup

David G. Delage dgdelage at ix.netcom.com
Mon Nov 25 01:51:45 EST 1996

Please stay with the current, non-moderated format.

I, too, get annoyed with all the spam scams, but when you think about
it, they are easy to ignore.  95% (I'm guessing, but the number should
be up there) of the spams have all-caps and dollar signs and
exclamation points in the Subject line.  Even those that don't have
the tell-tale spam signs have a pretty easy-to-spot Subject line.

I don't think it's worth the time of the group moderators to read
through each and every post just to weed out the few spams that show
up here.

And what would it really gain us?  Most of the people who subscribe to
this group are well-educated.  Most of us know that these spams are
just get-rich-quick schemes under an electronic facade.  Is it really
worth putting the group moderators through that much more grief to
eliminate something that most of us don't bother with anyway?

If the decision _is_ made to go to a moderated format, I have another
option.  I read in another newsgroup (I can't remember which one) some
time ago (I can't remember exactly when) about a method of
automatically moderating a newsgroup.  Essentially, in the FAQ is
given a word or phrase that must appear in the post.  Then, a simple
software routine (at least simple from a programmer's perspective)
scans through all of the posts and only those with the correct word or
phrase will get posted.

And as for stopping flames, that's another issue entirely...  :)

David G. Delage
dgdelage at ix.netcom.com	http://www.netcom.com/~dgdelage
davey at dbc-mifco.com	http://www.dbc-mifco.com/

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