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Fri Nov 22 01:09:45 EST 1996


Been told that surgery could disconnect my right ear hearing if I pass a
balance test on December 2nd.  The disconnect would rid me of
recruitment.  I've had 4 hearing tests and have only heard garbage in my
right ear.  Never a spoken word at any volume have I heard.  Would this
surgery work?  I was tested for balance 5 years ago and the neurologist
said I was impossible because I'm a dancer.  My basic balance is
exceptional.  Is it true that my smile could also be affected by the

I'm to see a neurological/pain doctor on January 2nd.  I understand he
is to start me on biofeedback.  Since I lost my hearing on October 11th
is the timing too soon?  I really am trying to be very brave but don't
want the timing to be my failure.  Please, any input from anyone would
be most appreciated.


I'm a newcomer.  I went to bed the night of October 10th and was
perfect.  I woke up the morning of October 11th with a profound hearing
loss in my right ear only.  No event took place.  Every 4 days my
difference or problems seem to be more intense.  First tinnitus the
recruitment/hyperacusis.  I also have a balance disorder.  This is now
the 3rd neurological event that I have had in the last 10 years.  First
it was swollen nerve sheaths which lasted maybe 6 months.  Then 5 years
later my brain swelled so much that my jaw locked nearly shut.  In
addition, my breasts swelled and I had vaginal bleeding, this all lasted
3 months.  Now I'm 5 years again and my right ear hearing is gone.  I
take no medication and never have.  I'm a scratch cook and am trim and
fit.  My family history is clean.  

I was given 60mg a day of Prednisone on day 11 of my hearing loss.  I've
since been told that I needed it by day 3 to day 6 of the onset.  I'm
now being seen at the University of Washington Medical Center.

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