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Dr. Bill

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Fri Nov 22 01:32:10 EST 1996

heardoc1 at ix.netcom.com (mike) writes:

>It seems that we are always referencing MD's when talking about our
>AuD' We have to remember that two MD's with the same title of Dr. can
>also have different levels of education and experience. Someone who has
>never done a triple bypass can still call themselves a Dr. even though
>they don't have that experience or aren't versed in the proper surgical
>echniques. Education and requirements change and with that new
>expectations of Audiologists, but we can't hold back growth in our
>profession just because their are Audiologists who aren't current. An
>earlier article mentioned "grandfathering" which a lot of professions
>have done to promote the growth of their profession. This isn't a "they
>did why can't we" attitude, but more of a precidence type issue. 

You're right.  I mentioned in a private email to Steven S. that the general 
public know that physicians have specialties, be it cardiologist, or 
internist, or otolaryngologist.  In addition, these same people know that 
lawyers specialize in various fields, such as criminal, property, or 
environmental law.  My point is that Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Public do not know 
that audiologists have specialties, be it diagnostics, hearing aid fitting, 
or rehabilitation.  Is it too much to ask that the AuD be a credential that 
signifies that this person has up-to-date and comprehensive training and 
know-how in all of these areas, regardless if they perform them on a 
day-to-day basis?  I was attacked in a personal message that I was naive 
concerning the real world of audiology.  I am naive to say that there are 
many rank-and-file audiologists who just don't give a flip about keeping 
up-to-date, don't bother bettering themselves as audiologists, and would love 
to sink their teeth into a nice cushy doctor-like title?  If that person 
thinks that EVERY audiologist attends meetings, reads journals, and makes 
every effort to become the best audiologist they can be (without a $$ 
incentive), then who is naive here?

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