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Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Fri Nov 22 01:46:13 EST 1996

"mikey" <gandalf at infi.net> writes:

>I'm shocked! How am I hurting audiology? Are we a group of robots or
>cookie-cuttouts who think alike, act alike and who use the same sort of
>commentary? Perhaps you need a bit more seasoning in the profession and in
>life. There are many different types of folks out here in the real world.
>You'll meet 'em. Just try to be more tolerant. I may not be your ideal,
>but, hey, you're not mine either

I think that it is important to keep in mind that the readership of this 
forum consists to audiologists and hearing healthcare professionals who DO 
care about the profession as a whole.  We are the ones who want to spend our 
free time reading materials on professional development.  I guess that is why 
many of us are so vocal about a controvertial topic as the AuD (some of us 
have to refer to name calling and petty belittling in an attempt to make us 
think that they are right in their beliefs).  We are the one's who attend 
conventions, we are the ones interested in new technologies, we are the ones 
generally interested in seeing audiology develop into a form that is deserved 
by us all.  The unfortunate fact is that most audiologists just sit back and 
wait for others to do the work.  How many of audiologists from your 
graduating class do you see at AAA or ASHA?  How many complain that it is too 
expensive and they have better things to do with their time?

Just some food for thought....

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