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The words we use matter

mikey gandalf at infi.net
Wed Nov 20 23:37:03 EST 1996

You are not the arbiter of taste, Gorga. Neither are you the Gestapo. I
will say what I like, how I like. This is the internet. It is the wild and
wooly West in its present manifestation, not a debating society. At least I
use my name, and not a nom de plume, which many others in this group use.
Check out the sigs yourself sometime.

My views are strongly held. My complaint is not about the Au.D., or a
moderated forum. I just despise ninny-nannies and whiners, which these two
physician's assistants, Dybala and Sirianni are . My name is on my posts.
Simply don't download them if they offend your sense of political

BTW, I question your "strong" belief in freedom of speech.


Michael Gorga <GORGA at BoysTown.ORG> wrote in article <69505 at BoysTown.ORG>...
> There have been a number of recent postings that have
> crossed the line of civility.  There have been recent references
> to a colleague as "an idiot", suggestions that his efforts to
> moderate the listserver by eliminating the many get-rich-quick
> schemes that have recently appeared are akin to "nazi" behaviors,
> and a statement that anyone interested in having money making
> scams eliminated from the list of postings (after all, this is an
> audiology forum!) is a "moron".  Can someone tell me how
> referring to a colleague in this manner can be construed as a
> thoughtful, reasoned, intelligent exchange on important issues to
> the profession.  A privilege of living in a free society is that
> anyone can say whatever it is they please.   That does not make
> offensive language any less offensive.  As a strong believer in
> freedom of speech, I will defend your right to say what you like,
> using whatever words you choose.  And I am sure that others will
> tolerate your comments; reasonable people, however, will weigh
> them accordingly.
> I beleive that this recent dialogue was triggered by a posting
> about the legality of buying the title, "doctor".  In spite of
> the unfortunate direction that this debate has taken, the issue
> of entitlement remains important.  In my opoinion, it is
> inconcievable that anyone could view as acceptable paying $750.00
> for a title.  However, I am willing to listen to the arguments.
> Tell me how this serves the long term health of audiology, how
> such an approach will be viewed by constituents including third
> party payors and colleagues in other disciplines, and (most
> importantly) how this better serves the public.  It is my opinion
> (in free society, I am entitled to my opinion too) buying a title
> is a threat to the existence of audiology as a profession, will
> be considered by our colleagues as a scam in which we attempt to
> get something for nothing, and will mislead the public into
> thinking that the person providing services has a credential that
> in fact they did not earn.  Hey, but I could be wrong.  These are
> only my opinions.  I am willing to listen to others argue a
> different point of view.  And I promise I will not refer to
> anyone as an idiot, moron or nazi, just because their views
> differ from mine.
> Michael Gorga

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