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Spamming in the Newsgroup

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Tue Nov 19 23:39:32 EST 1996

"mikey" <gandalf at infi.net> writes:

>I expected that, in order to please your masters at ASHA,

Although I am an ASHA member, this newsgroup has absolutely no affiliation
or influence by ASHA.  It is an unbiased formum for exchange of topics in

>you would attempt to get control of the newsgroup with a "moderated" format.

WRONG !!! It is simply an attempt to keep the nonsense posts pertaining to
non-audiology topics out of the archive and out of people's personal email
boxes (for those people with email subscriptions to this forum).  I only see
the problem of spam posts (ie. "GET RICH FAST" and "LOOKING FOR LOVE")
getting worse as more and more providers of spamways get into the market.
My AOL account is flooded with posts that claim "Send email to 1,000,000
people at almost no cost to you".  It is worse that junk mail....

>It fits in with your nazi attempt at thought control over the Au.D. issue.

Sounds like someone is a bit paranoid to me.  I personally don't see you
adding anything constructive to the discussions, only pointing your finger
at people trying to make a contribution to this forum.  Why don't you sit
down and write out why you like or dislike the idea of the AuD instead of
finding fault in the way people express their own thought and ideas.
Personally, I have not seen one example of how you feel about this topic,
except that you think you are the "thought police" in saying who can and
cannot use words like "legal" and "illegal".  Sounds to me like you're the
one engaged in thought control.

BTW, your labeling someone's actions as "nazi-like" is pretty harsh and not

>What a pity. Loss of freedom is typical for those of you who want to make
>certain everyone else follows your dictates, or else.

You certainly read between the lines, don't you.  Well there is nothing
there mikey. I just want to keep non-audiology crap from filling up this
forum.  Nothing more, nothing less...

>Moderate it. There are plenty of morons out there who would stay with a
>group which needs a master with a whip and leash to run it.
>Count me out.

You missed the point.....


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