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AFA's Au.D.

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Tue Nov 19 23:39:33 EST 1996

rgnorton18 at aol.com writes:

>The discussions in this group center around who can call who Doctor...Who
>cares...That's not what this is all about. Those people care only about
>themselves and not about the future generation of Audiologists...and
>certatinly not about the hearing impaired.

Well put, but I think it is important to let people know what comes with the
AFA's AuD plan versus one from AAA or ASHA.  We all want to serve the
hearing-impaired population better.  But let us not forget that the REAL
reason there is an AuD movement is to develop autonomy for our profession.
We cannot say that we are autonomous at this point, given the salaries paid
and respect gieven by "most" ENTs.  I say "most" because there will surely
be a backlash from people who are paid well at an ENT office and get the
respect they deserve.  I am one such person, and I would not have it any
other way.  

I see the field of audiology changing in such a way: The training
requirements at most universities fall way short of preparing a graduate to
enter the field of audiology as an independent entity.  Recent grads are
prepared to get jobs with an ENT office, a hospital, or in a school
district.  If that is what one wants to do, great.  But if someone wants to
start a private practice, that is a different story.  Just as optomitrists
are trained to open their own practice, so should the field of audiology.
My suggested solution, develop a "university-based" AuD program that
prepares it's students to enter the field as autonomous entitites.  If one
chooses the NET, hospital, or school route, fine.  My feeling is that there
are too many graduates entering the market allowing for the suppression of
people who want to be autonomous.  Just ask a recent audiology grad how hard
it is to get a job.  Ask the same question to an optomitrist graduate.

This leads to what we should do about the present practicing audiologists.
Buying a title is not the solution (IMHO).  If one is truely concerned with
helping the hearing-impaired population, and the profession as a whole, I
see no problem with attending workshops and seminars, or even
distance-learning programs, in an attempt to satisfy the requirements needed
to upgrade one's skills to that of a university-trained AuD graduate.


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