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amines at igrin.co.nz amines at igrin.co.nz
Fri Nov 15 22:41:05 EST 1996

Yes, started in undergrad speech & hearing, then started Master's
in Speech/Lang Path and switched to Aud mid-way.  That was
about 24 years ago.

Always had a difficult time separating speech/lang systems from
hearing.  Think about language and neurological development,
deafness, some theories of stuttering, CAPD, even fun stuff like
how the stapedius muscle contracts 180 msec prior to our own
vocalizations vs middle ear transfer characteristerics etc.

Ultimately came out of that experience with dual certification.
Speech/lang and hearing are so interelated I am glad to have
foundation in both.

In America most audiologists and speech/lang paths have some
background in the other.

On the other hand, here in New Zealand where i now reside and
work as a clinical audiologist, nearly all of the folks who
go through the Master's audiology program have an undergrad
background in physiology, some in psychology.

The strong science background is something lacking in our
American programs.  These people are up with the play in all
of the diagnostic & rehabiliative technology as well as having
an excellent understanding of auditory function/dysfunction.
They have a much firmer scientific basis than we (Americans) do.

On the other hand they have very little understanding of speech-
language development/disorders.  

Thus, in New Zealand, the two professions have little
to do with one another except when referrals are appropriate.

Not sure why you ask - suspect you are in the throws of a career
choice.  My experience with both was a good one.  Had no trouble
making the shift to audiology mid-steam Master's program.  People
are different and have different motivations.  Times are
different.  The Master's program I was in at the time was very
poor in quality.  The better of the two was audiology.  I decided
to stick it out there finishing up in audiology and then proceeded
to get a much finer education from some wonderful mentors once I
left.  For me the Master's degree was only the beginning.

Feel free to e-mail directly if you wish to discuss further.

Art Mines
Dilworth Audiology
2/27 Rust Ave
New Zealand
In article <55osji$d2a at newsflash.concordia.ca>,
    th_hughe at alcor.concordia.ca (C Hughes) wrote:
> Did any of you audiologists start out studying speech-language pathology 
> and then switch fields?  If so, was the change difficult to do?
> Thanks,
> Claudia
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