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Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Wed Nov 13 23:55:22 EST 1996

"mikey" <gandalf at infi.net> writes:

>Lighten up, Jeff. It may surprise you to know that Audmcl and I ARE joking.
>There is no animosity here, in fact, we are sending e-mail to each other
>about it. Try to have a little more humor in your life, dude. Don't be so
>uptight and judgmental. My brother lives in New Jersey, for Pete's sake.
>(He is not a doctor either).

Oh No !! You took my humor the wrong way!! I was trying to be funny in
what I wrote.  I wish it came off in a better way...  Healthy discussions
are what make people grow.  I see no problems at all....

I must interject to your response to Paul Dybala in that he can say what
is and what is not legal in our profession.  I'll use a timely example.
I saw a patient the other day who I told that he needed a hearing test
in order to purchase a new hearing aid, since his last test was six years
ago.  My patient said to me "My insurance only pays for one hearing test
and I'm not going to pay for another one."  I told him "It is illegal for
me to sell you a new hearing aid without an audiogram taken within the last
six months."  In a strange turn of events (I was unable to remove cerumen
impacted down to the TM), when he was scheduled to return to see the ENT,
he called and asked "Will you sell me a hearing aid without doing a hearing
test?".  I said "No, it is illegal for me to do that."  Well he said "Thank
you very much" and hung-up.

BTW, he was a retired electrical engineer....  Probable saved me 30 days
worth of headaches....


P.S. Don't take my replies too seriously.  I will let you know when things
get out of hand in a personal email.
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