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mikey gandalf at infi.net
Thu Nov 14 17:34:40 EST 1996

Jeffrey Sirianni <audioman at HCTC.NET> wrote in article
<328ACC44.DA9 at hctc.net>...
> "mikey" <gandalf at infi.net> writes:
> >Lighten up, Jeff. It may surprise you to know that Audmcl and I ARE
> >There is no animosity here, in fact, we are sending e-mail to each other
> >about it. Try to have a little more humor in your life, dude. Don't be
> >uptight and judgmental. My brother lives in New Jersey, for Pete's sake.
> >(He is not a doctor either).
> Oh No !! You took my humor the wrong way!! I was trying to be funny in
> what I wrote.  I wish it came off in a better way...  Healthy discussions
> are what make people grow.  I see no problems at all....
> I must interject to your response to Paul Dybala in that he can say what
> is and what is not legal in our profession.  I'll use a timely example.
> I saw a patient the other day who I told that he needed a hearing test
> in order to purchase a new hearing aid, since his last test was six years
> ago.  My patient said to me "My insurance only pays for one hearing test
> and I'm not going to pay for another one."  I told him "It is illegal for
> me to sell you a new hearing aid without an audiogram taken within the
> six months."  In a strange turn of events (I was unable to remove cerumen
> impacted down to the TM), when he was scheduled to return to see the ENT,
> he called and asked "Will you sell me a hearing aid without doing a
> test?".  I said "No, it is illegal for me to do that."  Well he said
> you very much" and hung-up.
> BTW, he was a retired electrical engineer....  Probable saved me 30 days
> worth of headaches....

I know what you mean. I had an EE tell me a few years ago that my price for
 BTEs for his son was way too high. In fact, he could build one himself for
about $75. I told him I would buy all he could make and give him a profit
of $100 to boot!

He bought the aids.

> Jeff
> P.S. Don't take my replies too seriously.  I will let you know when
> get out of hand in a personal email.
> -- 


mikey (%^)

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