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AFA's Au.D.

dybala at utdallas.edu dybala at utdallas.edu
Thu Nov 7 19:44:34 EST 1996

I have to state my opinion on this on because I have gotten heat
on this before from comments I have sent to letters to the editor
in the Hearing Journal.

1)  If you get your "aud" from AFA you cannot, CANNOT, call yourself
a doctor.  To call yourself a doctor without an earned degree from
an accredited university or a stste lic board is ILLEGAL.
The professions of law and optometry head thier doctorates entitled
through universities (law) and through state boards (optom.).

This argument is one that AFA has misused over and over again.

2) I have made this point about the illegality of the AFA's "aud"
(note the small a and d) and I have been repremanded and told
can be used legally as follows.  Your credentails would be
John Doe MS AuD.

You would introduce yourself as, "Hi, I'm John Doe the audiologist"
NOT AS A DOCTOR.  (That would be illegal)  The AFA "aud" would be
a designator that says I am credentialed as an audiologist. (which is 
what I thought the CCC/A and my state licence was for!)
The audiology doctor who cannot day he/she is a doctor.
Talk about confusing!

So the patient asks John Doe, "What does AuD stand for?"
John says, "Audiology Doctor"
Patient, "Oh, so you  are a doctor!"
John, "No I am an audiologist with a credential that is the AuD"
Patient, "and AuD stands for?"
John, "Audiology Doctor"
Patient, "and you are not a doctor"
John, "right!"

Talk about confusing, it sound like "who's on first!"

So AFA give you a credential that you cannot use the title of!
Not worth $800 bucks to me!

3) Most if not all the audiologists I have ever met have been
honest people.  But, if one person misuses this designator
our credibility could be shot!!

Imagine the headlines "Profession Advocates FALSE DOCTORAL DEGREE, 
practicioner is sued for misrepresentation of credintials, blames
professional organization!"

I do not agree with this method,

I do not think it is good for the profession

Paul Dybala
dybala at utdallas.edu

Tapeworm (tapeworm at net2.intserv.com) wrote:
> So, now that the applications are being sent, how many audiologists are
> going to apply for their Au.D.?

> I'm really undecided.  I can see the pros and cons to it.  I think that if
> I get it, I won't put it on my card or start calling myself "doctor." 
> Probably just get it and stick it in a drawer for a while and see how the
> whole Au.D. issue shakes out.

> This Au.D. by accreditation raises some interesting issues.  In my state,
> hearing aid dispensers are not allowed to call themselves "doctor" unless
> the title has been earned.  It is arguable if holders of AFA's Au.D. will
> be able to present themselves as "doctor" and I'm sure there'll be a legal
> challenge.

> Just curious what the bionet.audiology folks think of all this.  By the
> way, for those who haven't received their applications, an Au.D. goes for
> $750.00.

> David Weesner, MA, CCC/A
> New Jersey
Thank you for your support,
Paul Dybala
dybala at utdallas.edu

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