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Hipro & Noah HA Fitting software/hardware_queries

Tony Dwyer tdwyer at ibm.net
Fri Nov 8 09:26:06 EST 1996

MrHiggins at worldnet.att.net (Gary Gams) wrote:

>Not all software is created equal...And odds are that we won't have a crashless system for many years to 
>come...but...In order to be able to deal with the on-slaught of new technologies we must somehow unify the 
>systems to work in the least restrictive environment...We all must learn to save our work on a regular 
>basis...This will still not always work...but...with each problem we learn more...We are past the beta 
>stage....It's time to jump in if you want to grow with it...This rep you speak of really doesn't seem to be a 
>source of intelligent information...We use Noah...We use the Resound module as well as Oticon/3M-Sonar/
>Phonak/Starkey and look forward to even more integration...Noah is really only one use for our computers and 
>feel the investment in time and money will only keep us at the edge...I don't feel we stand to lose 
>anything....The systems work most of the time and if the patient is told ahead of time that this is new...We 
>may have problems...but...we will solve them...It really helps to let them participate in the fitting rather 
>than just sit there...Noah may not be the answer but it is the first system to unify so many major 
>manufacturers...We need to work with these companies as well and to give them the feedback so they can grow and 
>learn...The more we all work together the quicker some of the current problems will be solved...Only to leave 
>room for all the new problems ahead...This method works...I'm sure...Otherwise we'd be dispensing Conch shells 
>and Ram's horns...Oh well...Sorry to rant...GG

Thanks for the reply Gary - I agree 100% with what you're saying,and I
think we all know and accept that software is never finished but
continues evolving. What follows is a copy of a reply I just made to
another message on the topic which you may have read - sorry about the
double post but it really outlines where we are coming from:

I wasn't aware of the HIMSA page at the time I mailed my message and
will certainly be contacting them. However I have received a couple of
replies in Email from users who have been in communication with HIMSA,
they agree with my findings re errors but were able to tell me that
there is a LOT happening by way of major changes and improvements to
the Noah system.
I'd also like to make it clear that we do believe the Noah system will
be everything we want it to be as it evolves and that the problems
will eventually diminish to an acceptable level.
Most of the problems we have experienced appear to be arising from the
manufacturers modules more than Noah itself and I have learned today
of some "work arounds" that could reduce the errors (isn't the net a
great source of info?)
Our frustrations are compounded by a couple of issues:
All our clients are children and the 4 year old on the floor who the
Audiologists have finally coaxed into cooperation won't wait while a
"fix" is found for even a minor glitch in the system.
Our Audiologists are of their own admission not computer buffs and
have neither the time or knowledge to sort out more than a "hands on"
We purchased Noah/Hipro shortly after it's release, it then cost a
hell of a lot of money and for that we expected a much more "finished"
product than we got, I suppose you could say we resented being sort of
beta testers for the fee we paid however the HA Company mark-ups
probably compounded this situation. as I understand the price here has
dropped to a much more realistic level.
We've decided to use Noah with the more robust modules and leave the
more troublesome modules until updated software is available from the
I think it's also fair to say that not all manufacturers are in a
position (by virtue of their current models) to make the best use of
the new technology at this point in time and don't fall over backwards
to promote or assist with enquiries (I'm trying hard to be diplomatic
here Jeff :-))
As I indicated in my earlier posting I find the concept of the Noah
environment one of the most exciting and complete uses of computer
technology I've seen and I do believe that in time it will evolve into
the package we all hope for.

 Gary of the modules you mention we have the Oticon and Phonak, and
they are among the more robust - if we only used them I probably
wouldn't have posted a message - to coin your phrase - not all modules
are created equal:-)
Tony Dwyer

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