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AIT Mechanism; Aging/noise damage

L&S L&S at helping-hands.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 7 17:01:53 EST 1996

In article <55nrbe$k0q at flood.weeg.uiowa.edu>, Susan Moore
<smoore at otolaryngology-po.oto.uiowa.edu> writes
>>To what extent do the sounds of audio integration training act to
>>free up glue ear or other middle ear trouble? What level of sound
>>will do that, and what dose?
>>Shouldn't such things as wearing a balaclava at night be tried first,
>Um, I have limited experience in the field of audiology so far but from
>my understanding, the word is still out on the validity, effectiveness,
>etc. of auditory integration training.  There are those who swear by it 
>for treatment of autisim, ADHD, etc. from what I have read/heard, but 
>still, nothing I have seen has effectively demonstrated to ME that 
>this isn't just another snake-oil treatment.
>    SO, having said that, glue ear and other middle ear trouble MUST be
>addressed by a medical doctor, preferrably an ear, nose, and throat
>specialist.  Glue ear is a serious condition that can lead to serious hearing
>impairment not to mention meningitis, brain abcess, and death, if not 
>treated.  NO level/dose of AIT treatment is going to clear up glue ear.
>    Furthermore, excuse my ignorance, but what, exactly, is involved in
>wearing of a balaclava??  It makes me think of people putting Greek 
>pastries on their ears at night.  (yes, I know, the spelling is different,
>but, as you may have noticed, spelling is not my strong point).
>     There was something else in your posting that bothered me profoundly
>regarding aging and noise damage...it demonstrated that you have probably
>been confused/misled or that you have misunderstood whoever it was that you
>have seen regarding hearing loss/communication difficulties.  I strongly
>suggest you and your relative see a different professional (who does NOT 
>perform AIT training) who specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of 
>hearing loss.
>     This is just my humble opinion, and should not be taken as the general
>opinion of the general readership of bionet.audiology.
>S. Moore
>smoore at otolaryngology-po.oto.uiowa.edu
>Dear S. Moore,

I fully agree that this needs a clear diagnosis and a doctor's opinion
should be sought. But regarding AIT, there is considerable evidence and
research studies to show that using AIT only about 22% of people with
ADD, Autism, learning disabilities etc. have a major improvement. Keele
University are planning a research project on AIT only early next year.
However by combining AIT with a Sound Modulation System and Light
Therapy the rate of success jumps to 44%. We have assessed the results
of several hundred children and the documentation is available. Let me
know if you are interested in seeing the Newsletter just off the press. 


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