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Lois J. Barin lbarin at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Wed Nov 6 14:33:27 EST 1996

In article <3280720B.2ACD at hctc.net> audioman at HCTC.NET (Jeffrey Sirianni) writes:

>{Claudia Hughes asks the original question - }

>>Did any of you audiologists start out studying speech-language pathology 
>>and then switch fields? If so, was the change difficult to do?

>{Jeffrey Sirianni responds}

>Although I have never thought about SLP as a career (except when I see the
>salaries they get) I can add a little insight into your question...

>As a former TA at the Unversity of Texas at Austin, I encountered many
>SLP students who switched over to audiology after assessing what their
>long-term desires were.  I think many students know about SLP via speech
>therapy, but little know about audiology.  I think that when students are
>fully exposed to both SLP and audiology, they can get a good idea to which
>field they would enjoy practicing when they graduate.  Some decide to go
>double major, but the ASHA requirements turn graduate studies into a 6 year
>program.  I recommend getting hands-on exposure when you are an UNDERGRADUATE
>that way you don't have to switch over when you are in a graduate program.
>The unfortunate fact is that many programs do not expose their students to
>real "trench" work until they are in graduate school.

>It is also not uncommon for practitioners to return to graduate school after
>being in the real world a few years and realizing that they want to go the
>other way.

>My get on the stats.... 9 of 10 converts go from SLP to Audiology....

Jeff - 

Isn't that the truth!!  In my experience at Ohio State University, as a Ph.D.
student and clinical supervisor, I have not seen ONE audiology student
make the leap to SLP.  But I have seen quite a few speech students "see
the light" after a particular audiology course or clinical observation and 
switch to audiology.

And I thought it was just an "OSU" thing!

Lois Barin
Pediatric Audiologist


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