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Hipro & Noah HA Fitting software/hardware - queries

Tony Dwyer tdwyer at ibm.net
Tue Nov 5 06:18:27 EST 1996

	I am interested to hear of others experiences with the Noah
software. I am a hearing aid technician in New Zealand and have
contacted others locally who are using the software - some of the
individual hearing aid brand modules (which are loaded into the
Paradox based Noah framework) definitely have bugs which can cause the
computer to hang (lock up) both in Windows 3.11 and in Win95
environment - this has been acknowledged by some of the HA Companies.
The concept of the technology is brilliant and must by it's nature
ensure high quality fitting results, however our experience and that
of a number of other users I have spoken to leaves one thinking that
there is still a long way to go. 
	Some of the modules seem reasonably robust and probably if we
were only dealing with a couple of brands of aids the system would be
useable (provided these brands had bug free modules) however in our
situation our Audiologists are handling up to 10 brands of hearing
aids and trial fitting sessions involving 3 or 4 different brands
modules generally result in a hung computer or the nasty little errors
that some modules produce - how to upset an Audiologist:-)
	Having outlaid the not insignificant cost of the equipment
necessary for the overall system we must express disappointment at the
reliability of the end result,  the idea of being able to have all
fitting/client information in one common database is a big attraction
however unless there are some improvements we will be going back to
the bench top full of individual programming devices and our old
As one of the hearing aid distributors told me "Ah this is the fancy
technology that everyone is buying and nobody is using"
the interesting bit being that this came from a rep of one of the
Companies that were involved in the conception of Noah.

I'd like to hear from anybody out there who can share info on this
Regards Tony Dwyer

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