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Widex Senso Digital Hearing Aid

Jeffrey G. Sirianni sirianni at uts.cc.utexas.edu
Sun May 19 16:17:56 EST 1996

In article <ZUsnx4YsuAAL089yn at io.org>, kenburg at io.org (Ken Burgess) says:

>A few questions from a paying customer:

>How much will a Widex Senso Digital Hearing Aid cost me?
>I am willing to pay for the best, but not if the benefits are only marginal.

Part of the aim of this newsgroup is discussion on hearing aids, circuits,
developments, etc.  It is not designed for discussion of prices.  I would
recommend calling your audiologist and asking him/her how much he/she plans
to charge for these devices.

I'm sorry that I had to side-step this question, but it is part of the
ground rules established by the realm management (BIOSCI/BIONET).

>Is the aid an ITE, ITC, or CIC?

Two models now available, ITC and BTE.

>Other than the Senso, does Widex produce any other aids?

I believe that they were one of first to introduce a programmable
instrument (Quattro), but I may be wrong.  They have a full line
of instruments.

>I gather that Resound is a major player in the hearing aid industry.
>How far away are they from producing a digital aid?

Not as close as they wished they were.  IMHO, ReSound would love to
be at the forefront of digital processing technology, but I think that
they spent their time of the last few years sitting back, basking in
the sun.  Now they have gotten off their cans and have entered into a
cooperative of other companies working on digital processing technology.

>Jeffrey G. Sirianni wrote:
>>I sure like the feedback prevention mechanism that they use in their
>>fitting procedure.  In addition, I thought the sound quality was
>>exceptional.  We even compared the aid with some newer circuits on
>>the market and I found the Senso to be the clearest, even with background
>>noise mixed in.

>How old is the circuitry in the Senso?

Maybe 3 months ??

>How do I, or my audiologist, get in touch with Widex?

I'm sure your audiologist has the number in his/her office.


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