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Andre Ch. Schnoor czesanne at mail.hh.provi.de
Sat May 18 12:02:28 EST 1996


I have tinnitus since about 20 years (getting worse, of course). I'm currently working on a therapy
to re-improve my hearing that was noticable getting worser during the recent years. I'm sure this
hearing loss is due to psychological circumstances, stress and personal blockades rather than
physical damage.

As a musician I have observed that some sounds (stereo width, rich harmonics) "open up" my hearing
and raise my overall attention and alertness (e.g. a sustaining chorus or high quality outdoor
recordings like beach noise). The level of "beeing one with the environment/surrounding space" (and
thus the alertness/consciousness and maybe adrenaline level?) is extremely depending on the hearing
capabilities. That's perhaps why deaf people have so much more agressive/depressive potential than
others. That's also why I *love* lucid dreaming and OOBEs: They let me feel totally in touch with
the environment which is otherwise always "behind the glass" for me. The completely imagined
environment in a lucid dream is more *real* and even better sounding than reality itself!

Like many other things, the relation depression <-> hearing loss may be a resonance relation (like
the hen-egg paradox) and not only a causal relation. So if one is getting depressive the hearing
will also get worse and vice versa. With increasing depression I also experience a loss of
intensity from all other senses (taste, touch etc). The "real" world is getting farer and farer
while the amount of mental throughput (worry, agression, chaos, unable to concentrate) is
increasing. This is damn unpleasant and scaring, believe me.

Any similar experiences with depression & tinnitus out there?
Please reply also directly to my e-mail address - my news server is not too reliable. Thanks.


Andre "Czesanne" Ch. Schnoor
Composer & Vocalist, Audioland International
czesanne at mail.hh.provi.de
czesanne at proaudio.de

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