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What's aids are you using?

SoundHrg soundhrg at aol.com
Wed May 8 15:55:58 EST 1996

<I'd like to know just what instruments your using and with what

GG...excellent question.  I too would be interested in hearing what others
are using.  Additionally, I would be interested in Marketing techniques
used in various areas.  Particularly, those marketing ideas that work.

I am currently thrilled with the results I am getting from ReSound.  I
tend to find a company that works very well, and stick with it until I
find something better, or become disappointed in who I work with.  That
happened recently, and the ReSound rep walked in the door at just the
right time.  She sold me on the product and I have committed every effort
I make to ReSound.  I was a little hesitant at first because of all of the
customer service complaints that were taking place.  In fact, we had some
discussion last year in this forum regarding their service.  I personally
have not had any problems, and get answers quickly now, as well as a
friendly voice on the other end.  They have made a successful effort to
improve in this area, and now (IMHO) could be classified as one of the
better customer service companies.

Of course, not all can afford a ReSound.  In those cases, I have
discovered the products coming out of a little company in the heart of
Iowa make some extremely reliable, affordable, and predictable hearing
aids.  They are a small company, will know you by name, and know how to
take care of the customers!  The service is excellent.  Nothing fancy like
trips and T-shirts, just good old fashioned K-amps, class-D’s, Class-A’s,
Adaptive Compression’s and other circuits.  The company is called
Crystaltone.  They are in Des Moines, IA.  Just ITE’s and Custom Products.

I have tried some CIC’s from Siemens.  About 50% are good.  The biggest
problem seems to be fit.  Sound is great, however, I have had some
fittings that are painful, and some fittings that slip out of the ear with
jaw movement.  Three of my customers grace my door steps weekly to have
their hearing aids ground down or built up, or re-programmed.

Occasionally, I have a need for a BTE and will use one of theirs, if I am
not going programmable.  I have used their programmable’s in the past, and
have been adequately satisfied, but am still thrilled with the ReSounds. 
Customer Service is confusing.  Plan on landing in the darkness of voice
mail when you call.  You might get a call back.  Sometimes you get what
you order on the phone.  Other times...?  Call Edwin in California.  He is
exceptional, and truly takes an interest in you, and will make an effort
to solve your troubles.

Marketing:  I have found direct mail to work the best for my office.  I
advertise one item only, and promote it whole heartedly.  Winter months
are pretty sparse here, so rather than wasting mail on snow birds, I use
the flyer in the local newspaper method, and appeal to the younger crowd. 
It works for me.  What do you do?

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