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Help with hearing aids

HearWHAC HearWHAC at netins.net
Thu Mar 28 00:44:08 EST 1996

Sam Writes
>Do hearing aids really need to cost in excess of $800? I find it hard to
>believe that the technology of hearing aid is that expensive.

I believe $800 would be a reasonable price providing:
--the dispenser has never spent anything for education and training, i.e., 
s/he has no formal training in hearing aid fitting.
--the dispenser has no investment in equipment, such as real ear fitting 
equipment for prescription fitting of hearing aids, hearing aid test 
equipment, audiometers and other test equipment, etc.
--less expensive older types of circuits, such as very simple linear 
circuits, are used in the hearing aid.
--the hearing aid is made by persons paid minimum or less than minimum 

There are other ways you could reduce the cost of hearing aids, I'm sure, 
but aren't you short-changing the person with the hearing loss?

My Mother has a severe hearing loss with poor discrimination and 
loudness-tolerance problems. My Mother wears two "technologically superior" 
hearing aids that cost $1,800 each. We went to a play this evening and she 
heard much better when she used the infra-red system. She doesn't hear too 
well with her Oticon Multi-Focus aids. However, she would do much worse if 
she were wearing the $800 hearing aids I described above. In other words, 
she does hear better with the Oticon Multi-Focus hearing aids than with any 
other hearing aids we have tried. My Mother is very important to me. She 
gave me an excellent home, an excellent education and an excellent 
upbringing! That is why she wears the Multi-Focus aids even though she could 
"get along" with the cheaper $800 aids. She does drive a Chevy Cavalier and 
not a Cadillac. Her hearing is more important!

Paul Woodard ;-)
Des Moines Iowa USA

It always fascinates me that the people who want "cheap" hearing aids 
frequently do drive very nice, expensive cars. We each have different 
"value" systems.

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