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Audiology - For Women Only?

rafael-quinonez at uiowa.edu rafael-quinonez at uiowa.edu
Mon Jul 15 09:10:19 EST 1996

I graduated from UT-Austin 8/95.  There were no males in a class of what should've 
been about 10 students.  The class behind me had one male.  The class ahead of me 
had one male.

The clinic supervisors had done some research on salaries, % of males/females in 
audiology over the years.  From what they presented, there was compelling evidence 
that the move towards an AuD quite possibly could have its roots in the fact that 
salaries have *not* increased at the same rates as they did in the 50s and 60s when 
the profession was mostly (completely?) comprised of men.  The influx of women into 
audiology has created a substantial drop in the rate of increase in salaries.

If you look at the audience in a meeting like AAA, there is a nice mix of men and 
women.  However, if you look for the young faces, very few of them are men.  One ENT 
I know told me that he had no audiologist working full time in his office.  They 
were women with families.  His tone was pretty snotty as he discussed this with me.

It is a fact that having men in the field keeps salaries higher.  It used to be that 
audiologists made more on the average than SLPs (ie-more men).  This trend has 
changed now that we have fewer men in the field, and SLPs are in high demand.

Someone also mentioned that few students are aware of how crappy the job market is 
in audiology these days.  I agree.  I'm doing my CFY now, and am really not sure I 
want to stay in this field if my only job options when I graduate are doing air, 
bone, and speech for an ENT somewhere.  What can one do with a MA in audiology if 
one doesn't want to be an audiologist, or one can't find a job....ack!

Just my thoughts.

Univ. of Iowa Hosp. & Clinics
smoore at otolaryngology-po.oto.uiowa.edu
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From: dybala at utdallas.edu
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Subject: Re: Audiology - For Women Only?
Date: 8 Jul 1996 20:00:19 -0500
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HearWHAC (HearWHAC at netins.net) wrote:
> A topic for discussion. The latest AFA Torchbearer tells of the first three 
> AuD graduates from Baylor - all women! There was also a picture of the AuD 
> students at Central Michigan University - all women!

> Is this good? The "traditional hearing aid dealers" have been about 50/50 
> male/female which I have felt was a healthy mix. But 100% female! No way! 
> IMHO this is awful! So audiology in the USA will soon become a stereotyped 
> female profession like nursing.

> What are the pros? What are the cons? Am I just being a sexist?

> Paul ;-)

There are two male students out of the fifteen or so at Baylor,
and two or three at Central Mich.

I don't know where you have been Paul, but I am one of three
males amongst 10 or so masters audiology students and the only
male Ph.D. student in audiology among 5 women.

BTW, I was at the student meeting at AAA and I was very much the minority.
Give it 15 years and the ratios will becoe very close to
what it is now in SLP.

I hope this profession never becomes stereotyped as anything
but well worth the money that government/heath care will be willing
to pay for it! %)

Thank you for your support,
Paul Dybala
dybala at utdallas.edu

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