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Dream Hearing Aid Wish List

HearWHAC HearWHAC at netins.net
Tue Jul 2 00:19:56 EST 1996

In article <31D6AB95.320A at ricochet.net>, Kate at ricochet.net says...
>Personally, I think the hearing aid industry has done hearing impaired 
>customers a disservice by making hearing aids so small.

Maybe the government should "mandate" that all hearing aids should be 
larger. However, I know there are some audiologists on this list who do wear 
hearing aids and some of them have posted that they like the "small" hearing 

>This is very important!  Just last week, on the Say What Club, we had a 
>rousing discussion on different hearing aid housings.

In Europe some of the earmold labs are coming up with very beautiful and 
colorful earmolds that match hearing aids that have been painted very bright 
colors. It is an interesting idea!

>when hearing loss is 
>visible, (some) people have an easier time understanding our needs (i.e. 
>facing us when talking to us, getting our attention first, etc.) 

Not everyone wears the same style eyeglasses. Likewise, I suspect different 
people have their own ideas of what a hearing aid should look like! Maybe it 
would be better if the government didn't "mandate" how hearing aids should 

>For the prices I've been paying, I expect my hearing aids to last a long 
>time .. and they do!  But some people have to replace their hearing aids 
>more often than I do.

Do they relace them because they "have to" or by choice? My car is now six 
years old and has 106,000 miles on it. Saturday we looked at new cars. I 
have decided to drive my car another six years and 94,000 more miles before 
I decide if I want to purchase a new one. Today I visited with a woman whose 
hearing aid is 12 years old and it is working just fine.

>(this from someone who has dropped her hearing aids on the kitchen 
>floor twice in the last two weeks!  Oops!

We have thrown today's modern hearing aids against a wall quite hard and 
then tested them. They usually work just fine! (Not recommended!)

>Speaking of batteries (and I have, two times above), it would really be 
>good to keep the standard sizes.

Are you referring to the Size 1 batteries that we used back in the 1950's as 
a standard size? Or the 625's? 401's? TR132's? Actually, when you stand back 
and look at this issue objectively, it is interesting how batteries have 
changed and become much better through the years. There really was a size 1 
battery, a 625 (larger than 675's), TR132's, etc. The capacity of today's 13 
batteries is greater - they will last longer in the same hearing aid - than 
they were just one or two years ago. There really has been a lot of progress 
in batteries - we no longer use silver oxide, mercury oxide - we now use 
newer versions of the zinc-air batteries, etc. Only a few years ago the 675 
was the standard size. Before that it was the 625. Today the 13 is probably 
the most popular size - but 312's are a very strong contender. I wonder if 
the size 10's or size 5's will ever become a standard size? Progress is 
inevitable! It really is pretty hard to fight progress.

>It would be nice if you could also come up 
>with a dream earmold!


Enjoyed your post, Kate. Thanks! Some very good thoughts, indeed!

Paul ;-)

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