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Pay & Benefits Audiology

Thomas Wardzala wardzal9 at mailw.starnetinc.com
Mon Jan 29 20:38:33 EST 1996

In article <4eik8o$1s7 at doc.jmu.edu>, STU_LCBRAZ at vax1.acs.jmu.edu (Rogue2) wrote:

> > 
> > Apparently, the law of supply and demand does not apply to the world
> > of the New Age audiologist. Sheesh! Get your heads out of the
> > socialist clouds promulgated at the universities, and get into
> > the real world. CFY's should be offered minimum wage, for minimal
> > skills. That's what the CFY is for, relating book knowledge to
> > the real world. I will not pay for a seasoned professional until
> > he/she is certified and checked out.
> > 
> > What a bunch of crybabies.
> > 
> > Michael Ridenhour
> Michael,
> I completely agree with you.   But I would hope that once someone
> *does* earn their C's, a substantial (ok, adequate) raise would
> be offered.  How do you feel about that? 
> -Laura at too.many.people.looking.for.a.free.ride...go.out.and.earn.it!

It's nice to see so many fellow professionals telling those of us who are
new to the field that we are JUST kids, have only book knowledge, and must
earn or C's from an organization that pays no mind to the needs of our
profession anyway.....so much for a spirit of togetherness among us....the
attitude of the postings presented are very unfortunate.....the attitude
that someone out of grad-school knows only book work is obviously wrong
since, if I remember correctly, ASHA (whom I paid to tell me so) requires
so many hours of PATIENT contact in a number of DIFFERENT settings....so
let's be honest, those of us fresh out of school are young, but now naive,
and may have actually seen a large variety of things while in a university
setting that many private-practioners or even hospital clinic audiologists
NEVER see.....how much intraoperative monitoring does someone in private
practice do, and how much cochlear implant programming has the ususal
audiologist see except in university or research settings, where many GRAD
STUDENTS earn their clinic time......the attitude of MINIMUM WAGE
salaries, or low salaries with no benefits at all perpetuates the idea of
the wide-eyed, naive student that has seen little more than the inside of
a book for the last two years and barely knows how to use
headphones....give us some credit, and take one more thing into
account.....how much does an undergraduate degree from a major university
cost now....60-80k?  Now add in another 22k/year for a masters (and lets
face it, most of all of this is in the form of loans for the last two
years)....say you have borrowed 40k to get this education that now is only
worth minimum wage for a year, during which time the loan payments come
up.....telling a recent that my education is not worth more than minimum
wage, and with no benefits, is insulting to that person, but to the whole
profession.........when we treat new-commers to our profession like
pledges to a fraternity by hazing them with low-pay, high-intensity jobs
we demean ourselves.....quit being so vain and treat new members of our
community with respect.......and those of us who are new to this field
must remember how shitty it can be to work for as much as a manager of a
McDonalds and NOT do the same to later newcommers when we are in hiring
positions...break the cycle of stupidity.

OK, Off my soapbox!

"Noboby with a good car needs to be justified....and I'll tell you why....I've come a long way since I believed in anything, and I've been half-way around the world....where you come from is gone, where you thought you were goin' weren't never there, and where you are ain't no good until you can get away.....Let's hit the fuckin' road."

Tom Wardzala
wardzal9 at email2.starnetinc.com

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