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Kelley Mascher mascher at u.washington.edu
Sat Jan 27 12:37:24 EST 1996

Sorry to have to add a correction here but:

There are three types of evoked otoacoustic emissions. Transient
otoacoustic emissions (mostly clicks and tone pips), Distortion
Product emissions, and Stimulus Frequency emissions (the acoustic
response to a single sine wave stimulus). Spontaneous emissions
are not generally thought of as evoked and occur in about 50% of 
the normal hearing population.

Otoacoustic emissons were discovered by Dr. David Kemp at the
Institute of Laryngology and Otology in London about 1978. 
Dr. Kemp was originally trained as a Geophysicist but was not
working in that area at the time. Dr. Thomas Gold an Astrophysicist,
postulated the existance of otoacoustic emissions in 1948, he was
generally ignored. He also postulated that fossil fuels were not
from fossils at all but existed when the earth was formed. This
was confirmed about 4 years ago when, I believe it was a Swedish
group, found crude oil inside granite core samples.

The original publications on OAEs occured in 1978 by Dr. Kemp. There
is a 1978 JASA aritcle. Otodynamics Ltd. publishes a bibliography
(by no means complete but a lengthy good start). If you contact them
I'm sure they would be happy to send you a copy. David Kemp is 
associated with this company and I have occasionally worked for them.

Otodynamics Ltd.
36 Beaconsfield Rd
Hatfield, Herts
AL10 8BB

Fax 011-44-1707-262327

I hope this is taken in spirit of constructive criticism.

Kelley Mascher

wardzal9 at mailw.starnetinc.com (Thomas Wardzala) writes:

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>mehtav at ROSNET.STROSE.EDU (Vanessa Mehta) wrote:

>> Hi,
>>         I was told from Christine Tlougan at webmaster at sconcept that you
>may have some
>> information for a report that I am doing.  The subject of my report is
>on OAE:  Oto-
>> acoustic emissions.  Please send me any information that you have and/or
>a place that
>> may be able to provide with information on this subject.
>>                                                 Thank you,
>>                                                 Vanessa Mehta


>Hopefully you have come to the right place.....OAE's are actually sounds
>generated by the middle ear in response to stimuli.....OK the easy way to
>think of them is as an echo coming from the cochlea in response to sound
>or spontaneously.....there are three kinds of OAE's....spontaneous
>(SOAEs), transient (TOAEs) and distortion product (DPOAEs).  TOAEs and
>DPOAEs are currently in clinical use......I am not exactly sure the name
>of the person that developed their use, but I know that he was an
>electrical engineer that used to work with oil companies using echoes to
>find oil deposits....I also know that he is the holder of the patent on
>TOAE testing.......

>I could go on, and I will get you some refs, but my resources are at
>work.....will give them to you if you'd like.

>Drop me a line if you want more.....and to those critics out there, let me
>know what I got wrong.

>Pee Wee Herman

>Tom Wardzala
>wardzal9 at mailw.starnetinc.com
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