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topics on the AuD

Rogue2 STU_LCBRAZ at vax1.acs.jmu.edu
Sun Jan 21 19:54:47 EST 1996

In <4dtkpe$r13 at degas.ICSI.Net> gcire at icsi.net writes:

> It's my guess that the decision to "upgrade" admissions requirments was 
> made by non-audiology faculty and staff.  The Baylor AuD program is 
> housed in prestigeous Medical School.  Again, my guess is that the 
> admissions standards are being held up to those of the applying medical 
> school students.  As far as chemistry is concerned,  for those who apply 
> to various allied health fields as Physical Therapy and Occupational 
> Therapy, pre-professional course work is the same as that of other 
> Biomedical pre-professional courses, ie. Pre-Med.  Look at the admissions 
> requirments for Optometry school sometime.(AuD is modeled after OD 
> somewhat)  

Thanks for replying! :)  As another aside here, when I talked 
about this to a friend of mine the other day, she mentioned
hearing somewhere that the Audiology students at CMU (?)
were in some courses with Pre-Med students.  This lead to 
the classes being too "fast-paced" for the audiology students.
In return, the pre-med students get annoyed when things have to
slow down in order for the aud.students to catch up.
Bottom line...too fast for the audiologists, too slow for the
pre-meds.  Will this kind of thing continue?  I can't see being
thrown into a classroom with pre-meds...

> If the professional degree AuD will fly in the long haul some of this 
> will be necessary.  For some one who is already an Audiologist or is in a 
> current Masters program, it's a bit scary.

You can say that again.  I used to think audiology was a good
choice--hell, I chose to return for another year to finish the
prereq's!  Now I'm wondering if this is going to turn out to
be a wasted effort--not mention money!
If I get a Master's will I be hired?  If I get the AuD, will
I be able to pass the classes?


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