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Need advice on new aids

Ward R Drennan wdrennan at silver.ucs.indiana.edu
Thu Jan 11 17:29:51 EST 1996

In article <aahzDL191M.KrJ at netcom.com>,
Mean Green Dancing Machine <aahz at netcom.com> wrote:
>In article <aahzDKxyGn.36v at netcom.com>,
>Mean Green Dancing Machine <aahz at netcom.com> wrote:
>I hate following up on my own article, but I have one more question:
>Before I see an audiologist, I'm going to have my ears checked out by a
>doctor.  Since my ears have previously been checked by an ENT, and there
>is no known physical component to my hearing loss, does it matter
>whether I see an ENT or a GP?

Personally, I don't see any reason to pay a doctor $40 (or whatever it is)
just to look in your ear- unless of course you're doing it as a part of
a regular checkup. A certified audiologist will look in your ear and
be able to tell if you need to be referred to an ENT. A GP would do 
the same thing.  If you have a problem, you'll end up with an ENT anyway, 
so there's no need to add a GP to the list of people to pay. But, your
GP may be able to tell you the name of a good certified audiologist. 

There are many kinds of people that sell hearing aids.  Be careful
of dispensors. They may or may not be thourough in their examinations.
Some dispensors will just do an audiogram, an earmold and then say, 
"Check please."  A certified audiologist should give some effort towards
determining the type of loss - sensori neural, conduction etc. Therfore, 
they should do an audiogram, tympanograms, check for acoustic reflex
for loud sounds, test speech perception scores, and do a bone conduction
test to check for a middle ear attenuation that MAY BE FIXED BY AN ENT. 
Prices may be high in the Bay area, but you don't want to get reamed.
In general, a peak clipping aid should cost less than $1,000 per. A
good compression aid or digital aid should not cost any more than $2,000
each. If they're talking about $2K for a peak clipper or $3K for anything,
look again. 

Ward Drennan
Indiana University
Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences   

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