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Need advice on new aids

Mean Green Dancing Machine aahz at netcom.com
Tue Jan 9 20:21:59 EST 1996

Howdy, folks.  I've been wearing BTE aids for more than 20 years.  It's
been 10 years since the last time I replaced them, and more than 5 since
the last time I went to an audiologist.  Now the aids are starting to
break down, and none of the places I've called will recondition them
(surprise, surprise).

I've been very happy with the aids I have, and I'm rather loathe to go
through an adaptation period unless I'll have a substantial gain in
performance.  I have a Bernafon T95 in my left (primary) ear, and a
Widex A12 in the right.  (Yes, I'm aware that this is counter to the
usual advice to use the same brand in both ears, particularly when both
ears have a similar profile.)

Here are several questions:

1) Have there been any known changes to the T95 or A12 in the last 10

2) Assuming my profile hasn't changed, am I likely to get substantially
better performance with a newer model?

3) Is my hearing loss too severe for an ITE aid?  (The T95 has a PC-C of
125 and AGC of 85, with volume normally set to 3.)

4) One of my few complaints about the T95 is the poor performance of the
telecoil.  Are there any aids of that power level with a good telecoil?

5) I'm in the SF Bay Area, and I've traditionally gone to Stanford for
an audiologist.  Looking around, I see some audiologists in independent
practices, and some attached to dispensers.  What are some common
advantages and disadvantages?  

6) If you're in the Bay Area, please send me e-mail if you've had any
particularly good or bad experiences with audiologists or dispensers,
especially on the south end of the peninsula.  I'll summarize to
ba.consumers later.

Oh, and in case anyone is interested, I do phone-based tech support for
a living.  That should explain why I'm a bit paranoid about the
possibility of getting the wrong aids, and am tempted to just stick with
what works now.

PS: Howard, my name *is* Aahz.  (Aren't archives wonderful?)
                      --- Aahz (@netcom.com)

Hugs and backrubs -- I break Rule 6
Androgynous kinky vanilla queer het

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