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personality type, MBTI

HearWHAC HearWHAC at netins.net
Mon Sep 4 22:39:13 EST 1995

In article <42acbl$677 at newsbf02.news.aol.com>, bjparker at aol.com says...
>The speech & hearing center where I work uses a similar scale to the MBTI
>for the management level positions.  It was made a part of the hiring
>process which I think may have been a mistake.

The Association for Psychological Type considers it highly unethical to 
administer the MBTI in the hiring process. (It is okay for a qualified 
consultant to use the instrument.) It is my belief it is considered 
unethical by different types for different reasons. The NFs get really 
caught up in discussing the ethics of using MBTI in the hiring process 
because they believe "any" person can do "any" job well. They always get 
angry at us SJs and accuse us of being unethical when we state our belief 
that some "types" are more appropriate than others for different jobs. Our 
(SJs) concern about using the MBTI in the hiring process is more because it 
really is not that accurate an instrument. It can be demonstrated that when 
used properly, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is 70 to 75% accurate. 3 out 
of every 4 persons will score the same "type" when retaking the MBTI at a 
later time. But they means 25% of the persons taking it are not going to 
score their "true" type! (SPs are notorious for scoring some other type when 
taking the MBTI!) And then when you add the "hiring process" into the 
equation, you really foul things up! Any person who "wants the job" is going 
to answer the questions the way "they think they should," not necessarily 
what they really believe!

One of the very best books ever written on this subject, which every manager 
should read, is "Type Talk" by Otto Kroeger and his wife, Janet Thuesen. 
They suggest that you can "type" a person by observing them. This is 
sometimes possible, but we have found it doesn't always work. (For instance, 
some Introverts are especially good at concealing their true type!) We do 
use the MBTI in our work place, but it is strictly voluntary! We have one 
audiologist on our staff who has never taken it. He says he is an extreme 
iNtuitive. I see him as either an ENTJ or an INTJ. When we do administer the 
MBTI it often gives some surprises.

It really is beneficial to know a person's type. By knowing it, we can 
respect them a lot more and make their life a lot more fun!

Paul :-)

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