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personality type, MBTI

HearWHAC HearWHAC at netins.net
Sat Sep 2 10:11:15 EST 1995

In article <rpluta-2608951436210001 at>, rpluta at crl.com says...
>I've heard of some 'research' about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and
>how audiologists tend to score. Does anyone know where this info might be?
>We certainly know how the speech paths would score!

Hi Rob:

This subject is very interesting to me. In 1988 we started using MBTI in our 
practice for "team building" and we have had zero employee turnover since! 
It works! Two of us in our office are certified to administer the MBTI and I 
am currently President of the Central Iowa Chapter of the Association for 
Psychological Type ("the" MBTI organization). My theory of management is "It 
Takes All Types!" Too many managers make the mistake of surrounding 
themselves with "clones," i.e. persons like themselves.

I am an old-time "traditional" hearing aid dealer with three very successful 
audiologists on my staff. The four of us who dispense hearing aids are about 
as opposite in MBTI terms that you can get. If we were a square, each of us 
would be in a different corner. I am the ESTJ leader. The audiologists are 
an ENTJ, also a leader but much more independent so we let him manage four 
of our offices and like most NTs, he is the "techie;" an INFP who is the 
visionary one with great feeling, she makes a great contribution but she is 
very proud to be "different;" and an ISFP who is a lot of fun and our 
problem solver. We are a closely bonded group and work very well together. 
The ESTJ and INFP are MBTI complements and the ENTJ and ISFP are also 
complements. We have each of the four temperaments represented, SJ, NT, NF 
and SP. It is an interesting team.

I do not use MBTI in the hiring process because I do not trust it. It was a 
complete accident that the four of us came together.

Apparently these four MBTI "types" can successfully dispense hearing aids - 
the four of us always seem to dispense about the same number of hearing aids 
each year and we each earn about the same income (we are paid strictly a 
percentage of the professional fees we bring in - no base salaries). We just 
do it in completely different ways!

Thank you for bringing up this very interesting thread. I hope it continues. 
I understand Oticon is doing some very interesting things in this area. I 
have read two papers that have been published. They apparently have 
eliminted job titles, they have portable desks and they can change things 
very quickly. I'm not sure how well it will work, but it is a very 
interesting thing they are doing in Denmark.

Please keep me informed of any research you run into on this subject.

What type do you think is most common among Speech Paths? I know of two ISTJ 
Speech Paths, but I would doubt if that is the MBTI type you have in mind.

Thanks again.

Paul Woodard
Des Moines IA

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