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NOAH and Windows 95

David G. Delage dgdelage at ix.netcom.com
Sun Dec 24 02:16:54 EST 1995

HearWHAC wrote:
> If this be true, this may be my problem. Anyone else know the answer to
> this? The techs that I have talked to claim that NOAH will work with 4 meg
> RAM. Our 486 has 8 meg RAM and the Phonak and Siemens software will not load
> on it.

You may want to increase your Windows swap file size (or create one). A swap 
file (for those who don't already know) is a file on the hard drive that 
Windows uses to simulate RAM. Windows takes information in memory that hasn't 
been used in a while and writes it to the swap file, which frees up memory for 
applications. It essentially fools the applications into thinking there's more 

To change the swap file settings, go to the Main group and open Control Panel. 
Double-click on the 386 Enhanced icon. Click on the "Virtual Memory..." button. 
This will open the Virtual Memory dialog, where you can set and change your 
virtual memory settings. Click on the "Change>" button to enlarge the dialog to 
include the controls to change your settings. Windows recommends a size for the 
swap file, and it usually is a good recommendation. You can set the size to 
whatever you'd like, but remember, a bigger swap file means less room for data 
and applications. Also a permanent (vs. Temporary) swap file is faster, and 
32-bit disk access is faster, too.

> >Although I've never tried them, I am aware of soft ram
> >or ram doubler software which is certainly less expensive than RAM sims.
> Again, a good idea. Does anyone know anything about ram doubler software? (I
> don't.)

I haven't used any ram doubler, but I know how they work. Basically they work the 
same way as DriveSpace in DOS 6.2 (DoubleSpace in 6.0). That is, they compress 
the data going into memory so it takes less space. This sounds like a good idea, 
but remember, it takes time to compress and uncompress the data, so using a ram 
doubler will slow your computer down (I don't know exactly how much, since I 
haven't used one).

Good Luck!

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