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Loudness decay (fwd)

Eric Smith erc at cinenet.net
Thu Dec 14 02:24:23 EST 1995

In article <4ahf9h$qph at utdallas.edu>,  <dybala at utdallas.edu> wrote:
>Wouldn't the "retrocochlear lesion" which is causing the "tone
>decay" be a contraindiaction for a cochlear implant?

Why?  Because the CI itself would have the same decay problem and would
therefore be useless?  But the decay is slow, and only happens with
steady sounds, not modulated sounds.  And if it does turn out to be a
serious problem, how would it be worse than without the CI?  Exactly
the same problem should happen with a hearing aid, assuming there is
any hearing aid that will work with this hearing loss.  So the only
real risk seems to be the risk of surgery and of wasted time and

>As far as the tinnitus theory, does the pt have tinnitus because
>if they do, that would mean that the brain does not have
>the ability to "filter out steady tones"  in that
>if it could it would filter out the tinnitus.

Yes, years of tinnitus which gradually became less of a problem
and is not usually noticed now.

>remember the amout of loss etc.

It's a severe hearing loss in both ears, but profound at the most
important speech frequencies.  The FDA now recognizes severe hearing
losses as good CI candidates, and a CI does seem to be indicated, in
spite of the loudness decay.

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