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Post-doctoral position at Brown University

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Fri Mar 25 11:02:17 EST 2005


Laboratory of Alison DeLong
Brown University, Providence Rhode Island

A postdoctoral position is available for a period=20
of up to three years to study the regulation and=20
functions of Arabidopsis protein phosphatase 2A=20
(PP2A).  PP2A is an abundant, ubiquitous and=20
highly conserved serine/threonine protein=20
phosphatase with broad substrate specificity and=20
a diverse repertoire of cellular functions.  The=20
RCN1 gene encodes a regulatory A subunit of PP2A,=20
and loss of RCN1 function leads to reduced PP2A=20
activity, alterations in polar auxin transport=20
and pleiotropic effects on plant growth.=20
Mutations in the RCN1 paralogs PP2AA2 and PP2AA3=20
have little effect on overall PP2A activity, but=20
functions of the isoforms encoded by these genes=20
are unmasked in the rcn1 mutant background.=20
Currently we seek to define the molecular basis=20
for functional specialization of A subunit=20

=46or additional information see:
Zhou, H.W., C. Nussbaumer, Y. Chao and A DeLong=20
(2004) Disparate roles for the regulatory A=20
subunit isoforms in Arabidopsis protein=20
phosphatase 2A.  The Plant Cell 16:709-722.

Rashotte, A. M., A. DeLong and G. K. Muday (2001)=20
Genetic and chemical reductions in protein=20
phosphatase activity alter auxin transport,=20
gravity response and lateral root growth. The=20
Plant Cell 13: 1683-1697.

Deru=E8re, J., K. Jackson, C. Garbers, D. S=F6ll and=20
A. DeLong (1999)  The RCN1-encoded A subunit of=20
protein phosphatase 2A increases phosphatase=20
activity in vivo. The Plant Journal 20: 389-399.

Lizotte, D., D. D. McManus, H. R. Cohen, and A.=20
DeLong (1999)  Functional expression of human and=20
Arabidopsis protein phosphatase 2A in=20
Saccharomyces cerevisiae and isolation of=20
dominant-defective mutants. Gene 234: 35-44.

Candidates must have a strong background in=20
molecular genetics and/or biochemistry.  To=20
apply, please send your current CV, a letter=20
outlining your research interests and=20
accomplishments, and arrange to have three=20
letters of reference sent directly to Prof.=20
Alison DeLong; Dept. of Molecular Biology, Cell=20
Biology and Biochemistry; Brown University;=20
Providence RI  02912; TEL 401-863-3888; FAX=20
401-863-2421.  Alison_DeLong at brown.edu

Alison DeLong, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Dept of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry
Brown University
Providence RI  02912
TEL 401-863-3888
=46AX  401-863-2421

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