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ABRC & NASC Campaign for Mutant Stocks

Randy Scholl scholl.1 at osu.edu
Wed Mar 2 16:29:09 EST 2005

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center (ABRC) and 
the Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC) are conducting another 
campaign for mutant donations. It is our goal to procure as many of 
the published mutant strains of Arabidopsis as possible. While, in 
the past, Arabidopsis researchers have enthusiastically supported the 
sharing of genetic stocks through ABRC and NASC, we have received 
only a modest number of new donations in response to our initial 
solicitation message in early December.  Hence, we are renewing our 
request for donations of mutants to the collection.  Please 
contribute to this important effort that will benefit the entire 
Arabidopsis community.

If you are uncertain whether a particular mutant is already included 
in our collections, stocks can be searched by Locus or Allele Symbol 
in the Germplasm sections of NASC  http://arabidopsis.info and TAIR 
http://arabidopsis.org.  To find a germplasm by locus or gene in 
TAIR, enter the desired gene symbol in a box for which "gene symbol" 
type of search has been selected, and execute the search.  A list of 
germplasms will appear, and a stock ordering box will appear to the 
right of those that are available stocks.

The procedure for submission of seeds is very simple.  Just follow 
the instructions in TAIR or on the NASC Web site. We prefer to 
receive distribution quantities of seeds packaged in cryovials. 
Smaller amounts can be accepted if you cannot perform the seed 
increases necessary for donation of the larger quantity.  Duplicate 
donations to NASC and ABRC are not required, as we share all stocks. 
We can provide tubes and envelopes for donations, if you wish.

You can provide the appropriate stock data for your donations by 
completing the donation forms available on the TAIR or NASC Web 
sites.  These forms are completely electronic and may forwarded to us 
by e-mail and/or filled out on-line.  The locations of the donation 
forms are:

  ABRC -  http://arabidopsis.org/info/abrc_submission.jsp
  NASC -  left-hand bar (seed donation form) on http://arabidopsis.info/

We look forward to receiving your mutants.  Do not hesitate to send 
any other lines or DNA stocks which you have characterized and are 
not part of our collections.  Natural accessions are an example of 
seed stocks which we would be pleased to receive. Expression vectors, 
full length cDNA clones and novel libraries are DNA stocks in which 
we would be very interested.  The list of donations and donors is 
provided below.

Thank you for your assistance to us and to the Arabidopsis research 
community in this important endeavor.  The continued cooperation we 
have received from Arabidopsis researchers is greatly appreciated. 
We encourage you to join us in continuing this important task.

Very sincerely,

Randy Scholl                    Sean May
ABRC                                 NASC

	List of Mutant Stocks Received by ABRC and NASC Since Dec. 1, 2004

Donor                          Donor#/Allele       Stock#
Andrew Bent                       Y16/dnd1; dnd1-1       CS6523
                                  		Y3/dnd2; dnd2-1        CS6524
Ray Bressan, Gunsu Inan           Thellungiella parvula  CS22663
Nigel Crawford                    NRDM; nia1-2, nia2-5   CS6512
                                   Atnos1                 CS6511
                                   CHL1::GUS              CS6513
                                   CHL1::GFP              CS6514
Yoshihiro Kimura; Takuji Wada;
   and Kiyotaka Okada              35S::CPC               CS6526
Maarten Koornneef                 W10058; abi3-4         CS6130
                                   W10173; fwa-1,ga-5,
                                        abi-1,cer2        CS6520
                                   set of 114 RI lines    CS24481
Hsou-min Li                       cia1-2                 CS6521
                                   cia2                   CS6522
David Marks                       gl1-20990              CS6515
                                   gl3-1, egl3-77439      CS6516
                                   gl3-sst                CS6517
                                   try-29760              CS6518
David Meinke, David Patton
  OSU and Syngenta                 emb1135                CS24331
                                   emb1275-1              CS24332
                                   emb1275-2              CS24333
                                   emb1408                CS24334
                                   emb1706-1              CS24335
                                   emb1706-2              CS24336
                                   emb2001-1              CS24337
                                   emb2001-2              CS24338
                                   emb2217                CS24339
                                   emb2289-3              CS16049
                                   emb2656-1              CS24340
                                   emb2656-2              CS24341
                                   emb2757-1              CS24342
                                   emb2757-2              CS24343
                                   emb2758                CS24344
                                   emb2759-1              CS24345
                                   emb2759-2              CS24346
                                   emb2759-3              CS24347
                                   emb2759-4              CS24348
                                   emb3001                CS24349
                                   emb3002                CS24350
                                   emb3003                CS24351
                                   emb3004                CS24352
                                   emb3005                CS24353
                                   emb3006                CS24354
                                   emb3007                CS24355
                                   emb3008                CS24356
                                   emb3009                CS24357
                                   emb3010                CS24358
                                   emb3011                CS24359
                                   emb3012                CS24360
                                   emb3013                CS24361
Rebecca McCabe; Chris Somerville  grv2-1                 CS6519
Hiro Nonogaki                     119 GUS lines          CS24362
John Ohlrogge                     fatb At1g08510         CS6525
Ana Rus; Paul M. Hasegawa;
   and Jian-Kang Zhu               sos1-1 hkt1-1          CS6527
                                   sos2-2 hkt1-1          CS6528
                                   sos3-1 hkt1-1          CS6529
                                   sos3-1 hkt1-4          CS6530
                                   hkt1-1                 CS6531
                                   hkt1-4                 CS6532

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