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question about sick plants (fwd)

P. Rocha pscfr2 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Fri Oct 11 03:27:48 EST 2002


40) appropriate choice of ambient music




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Date: 10 Oct 2002 04:02:10 +0100
From: varsha raja <rnavarsha at yahoo.com>
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Newsgroups: bionet.genome.arabidopsis
Subject: Re: question about sick plants

Factors affecting growth and quality of plants:
1) Growth room conditions.
2) Hygine in terms of other spores etc....
3) Gamma irradiation treatment for auxenic sort of
growth in vivo (Growth rooms/chambers/green house)
4) Humidity and proper thermostat functionality.
5) Treating and drying the germplasm (seeds)  with
ethanol before sowing
6) Lux meter and light conditions.
7)  Cold room treatment (O/N)  just after sowing and
covered bags in order to give them the best humidity
for the germination sprout.
8)Not too much water (just sprinkling... with small
9) Source-Sink treatment
10) Dirt use...brandwise
12)GA spray low concentrations (sometimes)
13) Germplasm collection and storage conditions
14)Parental genetic stocks
15) Seed harvesting conditions
16)Age of seed  stock
17) Stronger parental lineage
18)Nurturing plants with trace elements
19) May be sometimes providing them calcium granules
while they are juveniles and at vegetative phase of
20) Proper nutrients and should not have deficient and
depreated mal food conditions
21) Feed with Hoagland
22) Number of seeds at the time of sowing.
23) Transplanting conditions
24) Healthyness of root system
25)Uniformity in seed sowing,distance,number of
26)Sometimes soil itself is problematic
27) lab to growth room or field..fluctuations..creates
28)using blunt ended forceps instead of sharp ones.
29)conditions for sowing seeds and what manner it
should be sown..30) supporting plants with sticks in
order to avoid lodging..etc..
33)Light- natural/artificial/spectrum/....
34)Sometimes chlorinated water..creates problems..
35)Ranching and uprooting of surrounding soil with
small spatula...supply of good o2 for roots...
36) development stage specific treatments...apical
38)Sometimes some seeds are grown in majenta box
without Sucrose just Agar(3.5%) and water and then
just transplantation
39)Daily observance and proper nurture in terms of all
external and internal healthy conditions.

In my opinion in general (all plants) including
Arabidopsis strains or cultivars,subspecies, live
longer if combination of  above conditions  are

Rest  all luck depends upon the genetic
stock,inheritance,preservance , genetic shocks and
signatures ...


Plant Biologist
(New Delhi)

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