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New GFP T-DNA Tag lines at ABRC

Randy Scholl scholl.1 at osu.edu
Tue May 15 09:39:34 EST 2001

<x-flowed>ABRC is pleased to announce that the random GFP::cDNA fusion T-DNA
lines donated by David Ehrhardt, Sean Cutler and Chris Somerville are
now available for distribution.  This donation consists of T-DNA
lines for which the transforming vector (pEGAD) includes a CaMV 35S
promoter-driven GFP coding region fused to random clones from an
Arabidopsis cDNA library.  The resulting lines express GFP in varying
patterns as influenced by the localization/targeting effects of the
gene products of the various cDNAs.  The description of pEGAD is
available on the Carnegie Web site, as is a gallery of images
documenting the various patterns of GFP expression among the lines.
The pEGAD plasmid is also currently available from ABRC, and may be

There are 108 lines available for distribution, each of which is the
product of an independent transformation event using the vector
library.  In addition, a "Basic Set" of 16 lines has been organized
on the basis of varying, patterns of GFP expression.
Characterizations of the Arabidopsis gene of the T-DNA insertion, for
lines having results, as well as links to the Carnegie Web site are
included in AIMS.

The selective agent for transformed plants is the herbicide Basta.
The background employed for the transformations is Columbia (CS907).
The stock information, including line numbers, are provided below, as
is the ordering information for the Basic Set.  Orders may be placed
in AIMS (http://aims.cse.msu.edu/aims/).  If you do not find the
stock numbers in the database, you may place the order by e-mail to
the address, seeds at cse.msu.edu.

Sets of Lines and Transformation Vector: Stock #, Description

CS84722, Entire set of 108 transformed GFP lines.

CS84723, Basic Set of 16 transformed GFP lines (various characterized
   	localizations with gene information).

CD3-389, pEGAD plasmid used for transformations.

Stocks Comprising the Basic Set: Stock #, Donor # / Tag designation

CS84725,  060798A / Q8
CS84726,  29-1
CS84727,  110898E / Q5
CS84728,  060798B / Q4
CS84729,  020898A / Q10
CS84730,  38-3
CS84731,  110898F / N7
CS84732,  060798C / LE8
CS84733,  m253
CS84734,  36-30
CS84735,  060798D / A5
CS84736,  050598A / V6
CS84738,  39-19
CS84739,  39-10
CS84740,  mc-1
CS84741,  200798A / N1

Additional Lines: Stock #, Donor # / Tag Designation

CS84742, 20
CS84743, 22
CS84744, 24
CS84745, 25
CS84746, 27
CS84747, 29-5
CS84748, 29-20
CS84749, 300
CS84750, 301b
CS84751, 303
CS84752, 305
CS84753, 34-20
CS84754, 37-21
CS84755, 37-22
CS84756, 37-24
CS84757, 37-25
CS84758, 37-26
CS84759, 39-17
CS84760, 39-18
CS84761, 39-20
CS84762, 39-21
CS84763, d522
CS84764, 400 / don
CS84765, m103
CS84766, m200
CS84767, M251
CS84768, m257
CS84769, m5
CS84770, 401 / nucleus
CS84771, 402 / phrag a
CS84773, 010598B / X3
CS84774, 010598C / X2
CS84775, 020598D / C2
CS84776, 020698C / LE9
CS84777, 020698D / V5
CS84778, 020698E / LE4
CS84779, 020698F / A4
CS84780, 020698G / N8
CS84781, 030698A / B4
CS84783, 030898A / LE2
CS84784, 030898C / A1
CS84785, 030898E / V13
CS84786, 050598B / C1
CS84787, 050598C / LE10
CS84788, 100898A / E5
CS84789, 100898B / V9
CS84790, 100898C / F1
CS84791, 100898D / N2
CS84792, 100898F / N3
CS84794, 140598C / LE5
CS84796, 140598E / V25
CS84797, 140698A / D2
CS84798, 140698B / D1
CS84800, 150698E / F3
CS84801, 150698G / LE3
CS84802, 150698H / C5
CS84803, 150698I / C4
CS84804, 150598C / Q9
CS84805, 160698C / LE6
CS84806, 160698D / Q7
CS84807, 160698E / E2
CS84808, 160698F / X1
CS84809, 170698A / D4
CS84810, 170698C / LE7
CS84811, 180598E / V22
CS84812, 180598F / V4
CS84813, 180898A / LE11
CS84814, 180898B / V17
CS84815, 180898C / N6
CS84816, 180898D / Q2
CS84817, 180898E / V16
CS84818, 190898D / V15
CS84819, 190898E / N9
CS84820, 190898F / A2
CS84821, 190898G / E4
CS84822, 190898I / Q1
CS84823, 190898J / Q6
CS84824, 200598B / V1
CS84825, 200598D / V2
CS84826, 200698B / E1
CS84827, 200698C / V8
CS84828, 200798D / D5
CS84829, 200898B / V11
CS84830, 210698B / F2
CS84831, 230898A / Q3
CS84832, 250898E / B1
CS84833, 250898F / V12
CS84834, 270598A / V26
CS84835, 270898A / LE1
CS84836, 280598A / A3
CS84837, 280598B / B3
CS84838, 290398A / C3



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