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Human Genome and Genetics - Free Multimedia CD-ROM and Video

Prakash prakash at tusk.edu
Wed May 2 06:32:15 EST 2001

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<html><head><style type="text/css"><!--
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  --></style><title>Human Genome and Genetics - Free Multimedia CD-ROM
<div>Free Multimedia CD-ROM and Video on Human Genome and
<div>Visit http://www.nhgri.nih.gov/educationkit/ to request this
multimedia kit which includes a CD-ROM, video, poster and a brochure.&nbsp;
On the website, you can view some exciting instructional material with
excellent graphics and flash 3D animation on many molecular biology
topics including &quot;How to Sequence a Genome&quot;.&nbsp; Very
useful for teachers and students.</div>
<div>&quot;The Human Genome Project (HGP) began in 1990 as an effort
by researchers from around the world to map and sequence the human
genome - the totality of human DNA - as well as the genomes of
important experimental organisms, like yeast, the nematode worm, and
mouse. In 2000, the collaborators in the HGP announced the completion
of a draft revealing the sequence of 90% of human DNA. In February
2001, the initial analysis of the genome sequence was published in the
scientific literature.<br>
<div>To mark this occasion, the Human Genome Project has released a
free, multimedia educational kit for high school students and the
interested public. The kit, called The Human Genome Project: Exploring
our Molecular Selves, includes:<br>
<div>* a CD-ROM with seven varied segments * an award-winning video
documentary, The Secret of Our Lives * a commemorative poster * an
informational brochure, Genetics: The Future of Medicine</div>
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<div>* Video Documentary: The Human Genome Project - Exploring Our
Molecular Selves &quot; This narrated 3D-computer animation
illustrates the basics of molecular biology. The animation progresses
from cells to the nucleus, chromosome to DNA, depicting the process of
converting genetics instructions into active proteins.</div>
<div>* The Secret of Our Lives: Told through the leaders of the Human
Genome Project, this award winning video documentary, traces the
development, evolution and impact of the Human Genome Project and
genomics research.</div>
<div>* Interactive Presentation-How to Sequence a Genome</div>
<div>Genetics - The Future of Medicine</div>
<div>Basic Genetics- a glossary of genetic terms ; The Human Genome
Project - Exploring Our Molecular Selves. Goals of the Human Genome
Project ; Unlocking the Mysteries of Health and Disease : Gene
Discovery&nbsp; Understanding Biological Function; Genetic Testing and
Gene-based Medicine ; Development of Genetic Medicine &quot;</div>

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