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Mon Mar 5 10:53:51 EST 2001

A request to Colleagues in the plant sciences ...

*** Please reply ONLY to Jeff Bennetzen at
maize at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu by copying and pasting this
message with your responses.

This is an extremely important time for maize
bioinformatics, so please take the time to reply to Jeff
Bennetzen, who chairs the Maize Genetics Executive
Committee.  Jeff will receive your comments and will
transmit them anonymously to us.
Maize Genome Database, MaizeDB, is a service provided by the
Agricultural Research Service, US Dept. of Agriculture, and
is enhanced by support from the National Science Foundation.
=20 As our responsibility is to provide comprehensive
bioinformatics service to the research community, we
urgently need to know your experience, as well as your
expectations and wishes, in accessing and using MaizeDB.
Thank you very much for your help!
Mary Polacco and Ed Coe

1.	What kinds of questions do you use MaizeDB to answer?

2.	What kinds of questions do you use other maize research
databases (e.g., ZmDB, MTM, others) to answer?

3.	What sorts of genome or functional genomics databases
(e.g., GenBank, SwissProt, PDB, EcoCyc, SGD & SacchDB, RGP,
TAIR, TIGR, etc.) do you access one or more times/year?

4.	What content do you access in the databases listed in (3)?

5.	By what routes do you access the databases listed in
(3)(blast, full text, other)?

6.	What kinds of questions have you ATTEMPTED to use MaizeDB
to answer and been unsuccessful? With what kinds have you
been successful?

7.	What section or tool in MaizeDB do you use the most, and
for what purpose?

8.	Is there a particular section or tool that you strongly
like?  Why?

9.	Is there a particular section or tool that you strongly
dislike?  Why?

10.	How might the Browsers be improved?

11.	How might any of the =91Hints=92 be improved?

12.	How might the =91How To=92 be improved?

13.	Have you ever looked for a page on MaizeDB that you are
sure should be there, but been unable to find it? Which
one(s)?  How long did you try to access the page?  If you
were unable to find a page, how would you have expected to
find it?

14.	What data or information have you looked for recently,
and been unable to find?  Do you usually get responses to
the query term you normally use?  If not, please give

15.	Many of the features currently available through the
MaizeDB pages are extracted or compiled from ZmDB, the
Missouri Maize Project, MTM, GenBank, and other Web sites as
well as from published data (examples: EST and SSR pages).
Do you have any suggestions about the layout and
organization of the integrated MaizeDB presentations?

16.	What types of information or queries do you anticipate
needing in the future, especially in view of the increased
genetic mapping, physical mapping, sequence, and expression
data for maize and other cereals that will be available

17.	Are there any other features or formats you would like
to see on MaizeDB?

18.	For which of the following do you use MaizeDB (mark all
that apply)?
Teaching resource
Class exercises
Personal knowledge development
Speaker resource, science
Speaker resource, public
Manuscript writing
Public document writing
Grant writing
Design of experiments
Analysis of experiments
Literature lookups
Data lookups
Maize images
Pest images
Gel or film images
Information about ongoing projects
Information about coordination of research
Gaps in research
Overlaps in research
19. Do you have any other comments/criticisms?

20.	What is your professional level/role?
Research Scientist

Again, for the purpose of this survey, please reply ONLY to
Jeff Bennetzen at maize at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu by copying and
pasting this message with your responses, so that he may
compile and provide them to us anonymously.


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