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Arabidopsis in hydroponic system

joel.kreps at syngenta.com joel.kreps at syngenta.com
Wed Apr 4 13:32:12 EST 2001

Dear Carsten and other interested parties,

I have used the following method for growing Arabidopsis plants

1) Germinate surface sterilized seeds on MS growth medium with 0.8%
bactoAgar, grow at 20C, 12h/12h light/dark, 70 uEi cool white fluorescent.

MS Growth medium:

0.5 X MS Salts (Gibco 11117-041)
1.0 X MS Vitamins (Sigma M3900)
0.5 % Sucrose
0.5 G/L MES

pH to 5.80 with KOH, autoclave

2) After 6 to 8 days (just as true leaves are emerging), transfer the
seedlings to sterile rafts (Sigma M4417) floating on 50 ml of MS growth
medium in the tall magenta boxes (Sigma V8505).  For my work, 4 seedlings
per box was sufficient.  An important tip:  it is prefereable to autoclave
the rafts with the growth medium in the magenta box, it helps prevent over
drying of the membrane, if the membrane is not well wetted, the young
seedling's root fails to grow well down into the liquid and the seedling
will die, so be sure that the liquid medium is in contact with the underside
of the membrane to get the best growth.

3) Incubate the magenta box plus raft/medium on a shaker under normal growth
conditions, shake at 60 rpm.

Joel A. Kreps
Senior Staff Scienist, Plant Health Department
Torrey Mesa Research Institute, Syngenta
3115 Merryfield Row, rm. 267
San Diego, CA 92121

Tele:  858-812-1071
Fax:  858-812-1109
joel.kreps at syngenta.com

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we want to grow Arabidopsis in a gastight plant growth chamber under a 13CO2
atmosphere. We want them to incorporate 13C instead of 12C.
In a different trial Arabidosis first will grow under a normal 12CO2
atmosphere. Then the atmosphere is switched for a certain time to 13CO2, to
look at certain metabolites.
=46or this purpose we want them to grow hydroponically, because the 12CO2
production of normal soil would disturb the process.
Can anyone give advice or hints for the growth of Arabidopsis in a
hodroponic system?
More under:

Thanks in advance,

Carsten Richter
Humboldt-Universit=94t Berlin


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