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Sue Rhee rhee at acoma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Nov 4 02:08:46 EST 2000

Dear Andreas,

There are 35 CAPS markers and 41 SSLP markers between Ws and Col in TAIR
DB. To get the data:

1. Go to our marker search page:

2. Click on CAPS, SSLP under Genetic Marker type, and choose Col and Ws
  under Polymorphic Between headings.

3. Hit the Search button.

4. Click on the name of the marker to get full information on the marker
or click on the mapview to see the marker on our interactive, graphic map
viewing tool.

We are currently working on getting the download functionality implemented
and once that is implemented, you should be able to download the entire
results in a text file. Right now, you can only download the data one at a


On 2 Nov 2000, Andreas Bachmair wrote:

>  In the databases, there is a lot of information on Ler vs. Col-0
>  polymorphisms. I am interested in Ws vs. Col. Unfortunately, I have not
>  found any polymorphism data for the latter two ecotypes in the data bases.
>  Does anybody know about the following items:
>  a - Information on CAPS markers between Ws and Col.
>       At present, one PCR primer pair and the corresponding enzyme would
>       already help me to confirm the F1 plants of a cross Ws x Col-0.
>  b - Does anybody make recombinant inbred lines from a Ws x Col cross?
>                                                   Sincerely,
>  _______________________________________
>  Andreas Bachmair
>  Institute of Botany
>  University of Vienna
>  Rennweg 14, A-1030 Vienna
>  Austria    Europe
>  Phone:  (+43) 1 4277 54026
>  Fax:    (+43) 1 4277 9541
>  e-mail: bachmair at s1.botanik.univie.ac.at
>  web:    http://www.botanik.univie.ac.at/
>  ---

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